3G & MNP Get Feb, March 2010 Deadlines

The incessant delay in the 3G auction and the launch of MNP continues. We have covered both 3G and MNP extensively here on WATBlog. The latest on both fronts is as follows:


3G Auctions To Start By Mid Feb

So its official that 3G auctions is finally set to start from February 13. We are hoping that the number 13 turns out to be lucky in this case. Last date for applications will be January 25 and mock auctions shall be held on February 10. After delay 1, 2 and 3 we are hoping that this time 3G auctions actually do end up happening. Also the actual allocation of spectrum would take place in august as per this story.
Even though actual allocation happens later the bidding operators who win the auction might be asked to pay the entire bid amount upfront within 20 days after the bidding process is completed.

MNP delayed till March 31st

We had blogged about the fact that mobile operators weren’t ready to launch Mobile number portability (MNP) on their networks. We have discussed in detail on how this would impact both players and VAS providers. We had also showcased a report on the expected loss of subscribers from the launch of MNP. When the TRAI pegged the MNP charges at 19 rupees it was apparent that once MNP did come into effect the consumer would gain in power againts the telecom operator. Also new operators would benefit greatly. Now the process of syncing up with MNP technology providers is taking time which is being blamed for the delay in launch of MNP.

We hope for the sake of the consumer MNP rolls out soons rather than later.

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  1. January 4, 2010 at 1:06 pm #

    I don’t care too much about MNP. It’s a luxury and a Good-To-Have feature.
    3G is a must !! We are lagging behind the world in this one. I hope this happens by Feb-end atleast

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