RediffBlogs To Replace RediffILand – Need For Another Blogging Platform?

If anyone still remembers Rediff had its own blogging platform like Blogger and WordPress known as rediff iland and I remember trying my best to use it in 2006 and found myself cursing under my breathe as I found it extremely unfriendly to use. I guess rediff has now realized this and has launched RediffBlogs to replace the old product Rediff Iland.

Rediff Blogs Not A Rediff Product

Rediff Blogs unlike Rediff iland isnt a product developed inhouse infact it uses WordPress MU under the hood. Now thats quite a move away from the Rediff mentality of we should build our own products.

Advantages of WordPress

Using WordPress has many advantages for Rediff as its completely free, can be easily branded and customized as well as it has no future upgradation or features addition costs as many plugins are readily available for the same.

Why another blogging platform?

While using wordpress might be an intelligent move launching another blogging platform seems pointless to me. Yes Rediff has launched Rediff blogs in 9 languages but then Blogger has had different language capabilities for sometime now.Also in my view I do not think the rediff audience are really that great at creating good quality blogs. Well if the comments on their message boards are anything to go by then their audience isn’t the literary types at all. Another fact is that only 10% of the users comment and only 1% of those users create content on the web and these are statistics from well known platforms like youtube etc. I seriously doubt how many users would actually end up using rediff blogs and how many of those blogs would actually end up being quality blogs and not spammy or promotional blogs.

Microblogs A Better Idea?

I think Rediff would have been better off experimenting with status updates or microblogs and launched a twitter clone instead. Also they could have easily integrated that product with their message boards product which is in anycase one of the most used service interms of UGC on Rediff.

2 Responses to “RediffBlogs To Replace RediffILand – Need For Another Blogging Platform?”

  1. December 17, 2009 at 8:18 pm #

    I like the idea of a new microblog platform to compete with twitter.. maybe add some new features and apps… but twitter is awesome

  2. December 28, 2009 at 7:48 am #

    Now,its being big competition between micro blogging service and now rediff is also going to compete with twitter and yahoo meme!

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