Google Launches Contest ‘Hai Baaton Main Dum?’ To Drive Hindi UGC Content

Just yesterday we blogged on how its important to make investment in regional content and we also gave the example of Google and its Google bus which was taking the internet to the masses. Now it seems google has gone a step further and launched a contest to increase UGC content for hindi on the web.


Google has announced the ‘Hai Baaton Main Dum?’ (translated in english it means ‘do words have weight’) contest.  Google has tied up with for this initiative. Livehindustan is a recently launched hindi news portal from HTMedia. This contest aims at increasing the creation of quality hindi content by asking users to submit their views on any of the following categories:

  • Entertainment, culture and literature
  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Health
  • Social, economic and political issues

The contest is open to anyone over the age of 13 years and the winners would be decided by a panel of judges and also via votes submitted by users. Users can vote for these articles at The winner for each category shall be eligible to win a laptop while the top 50 entries would get an internet connection. The winner shall be announced on 28th February 2010.

For Google this is a way to increase use for their transliteration tool and Google is using Google Knol to manage the entries and also for showcasing them for voting as well. This initiative is a great one and many more such initiatives are required to increase participation in Indian languages and also to drive content creation in Indian languages.

Challenge would be to get a good number of participants. What do you think of this initiative? Will you participate?

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