Breaking: Google News Makes You The Editor!

Google News has just announced on its official blog that it is now switching on a feature called custom sections directory, which allows you to create custom sections on your Google News homepage and share with others. You can think of it as your own magazine rack. Or just think of yourself as a news editor.


This can be seen as one more step in the development of news online, which in the future will be exactly like this. It will be more customizable and social. Google News has always been popular for the various sections it provides, which allows you to search by topic.

It also has a filter by topic option, but to finally arrive at your preferred topic the filters can get really complex at times. The directory now already some pretty cool topics to choose from and you can add any of those to your Google News Menu. Take a look at the Social Media News Section I made from Indian news sources.

Once you are done, you can either publish your custom section for the world to see or just keep it for yourself. Go on, customize and share some news.

You can check out the Google help center for more information on how to subscribe to custom sections or create them.

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