Google Wants To Be Your 3G/Wimax Provider

While 3G/Wimax might have been delayed for the nth time the interest its generating from all parts of the world for India is something else.


Now it seems that even Google is looking at broadband wireless access (BWA) in the country and may participate in the upcoming 3G/WiMAX auction with an Indian partner.

Google’s interest may stem from the fact that India’s broadband penetration is dismal at a paltry 6-7 million which means that majority of the growth would be driven by 3G and Wimax as far as internet penetration is concerned. Given how big the google products and brands are in India it makes sense for google to participate and evangelize the internet penetration story in this country.

The next 50-100 million users in India would be first time users of internet and this segment would be quite different from the one that already uses the internet currently. This makes the role of an ISP important in providing services that encourage these users to log on and use the internet more which is where I feel the

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