Flickr Adds Facebook Like People Tagging – Which One’s Better?

Flickr, which for some years was the undisputed champ in photo sharing, recently lost the crown to the social networking giant Facebook. And now Facebook is the biggest photo sharing platform in the world. Some say that Flickr has become a more niche service with only serious photographers enrolling for it.

But now, it looks as if Flickr is waking up and they have launched a new feature that has been at the forefront of photo sharing features on Facebook. This new feature which is called People in Photos lets you add a member to a photo, find photos of people you know, and manage which photos you’re in.

For me, that’s two main verticals of any social network covered.

flickr new feature

To add someone to a photo, you type in the member’s name just like Facebook. One thing which is different and better from Facebook here is the fact that people can opt in and out of tagging. Also you can draw an outline around the person’s face to show clearly who the person is. The notification for being tagged can be seen in the recent activity option on the dashboard.

You would of course need to be connected in the friend’s list on Flickr to be able to tag someone. I guess the move has come too late, this can hardly be expected to stem the outrageous growth of Facebook and Yahoo has hardly done anything original here, but it pleases my heart to see them doing something.

Flickr has already posted a set of FAQ’s to get you started:

What is People in Photos?, How do I add a person to a photo?, Who can add me to a photo?, How can I remove myself from a photo? and, How will I know when I’m added to a photo? The complete People in Photos FAQs are available here.

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