Broadband Internet: Where Does Karnataka Stand? – A Report

The recession might have bottomed out, but the cost cutting measures of the companies are still in place. Video conference and webinars have replaced the in person communication. In such a scenario, the most important resource becomes the high speed internet. So, how does the software hub of the east measure up to the world?

The latest report (State of Internet) from Akamai Technologies (A giant in the internet content distribution, based out of USA) gives a thumbs up to the state of Karnataka. The report says, in the second quarter of 2009, Karnataka had an average broadband speed of 1,100 Kbps. This puts Karnataka in second place in comparison to the rest of the states of India. The jump in average speed is at 32% when compared to the speed prevalent in the same quarter last year. The highest average broadband speed is in Haryana with 1,271 Kbps. Globally the average speed is 1.5 Mbps.

india internet report

The number of unique IP addresses was also reported and Karnataka again is in the top 5. This combination of both average speed and unique IP together will give a right picture. A high position in both the numbers, says Karnataka has good internet speeds and the number s are not skewed. India with weak internet penetration still ranks 20th in the number of unique IPs. This is majorly thanks to the huge population we have in our country. Putting it in context, a per capita unique IP addresses; and India ranks 166th with 0.0029.

If you consider the shared IPs, Yahoo India’s July 2009 report says India is ranked 4th with China, US and Japan ahead of India. India with a high expected growth rate is expected to be ranked 3rdbehind China and US by 2013.

India has internet penetration rate of 7% compared to the US and Japan that have it in the high 70%s. Which is more important? Internet speeds or the number of people having access to internet? If you ask USA, it would say, numbers are more important. USA does not even rank within the top 10, in percentage of people having speeds above 5 Mbps. The president of USA, Mr. Barak Obama has pledged to put broadband internet in every home in the US.

The numbers are on our side, and the future seems better. With the projections seeming good, the broadband users in India and especially in Karnataka can hope for speeds that are comparable with the world standards in the near future.

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  1. November 8, 2009 at 7:27 pm #

    I am sure this place has a lot of potential, and the future may belong to this place. But then, the people who shall be here to enjoy it shall not be the current day people or type. It shall be a different people and different culture. So, do not gloat over these thoughts!

  2. Pintu Mallick
    November 11, 2009 at 2:13 pm #

    Hi porush

    Thanks for this article and explaining the good things about Indian broadband stands compare to the world. It’s only because of poor government policy we are not getting quality broadband service and better speeds. If you really compare our domestic average speed of broadband in India I feel it’s only 256kbps and not only speed if you compare the tariff of the broadband service is very high compare to USA, Japan, China. in India 512kbps unlimited broadband connection monthly tariff between Rs1200 to Rs1500 but in USA ISP’s are providing 6mbps broadband connection with 250GB download limit as low as $28 per month.

    Hope Indian Govt. should understand the good things about broadband.

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