Online Advertising – The “IN” Thing!

Any form of Advertising is appreciated, if and only if it is able to create value for the consumers. I know your next question would be – How do you GET VALUE from Online Advertising? By two ways, we do – either we are provided with Entertainment or Information. The value proposition for the consumers is most of the times so good that the repeat hit is almost guaranteed for many advertisers.

Sure, Online Advertising has become the mantra for advertisers nowadays and my speculation is that it will continue to do so for quite some time in the future. There are different ways Online Advertising works, for smaller companies – it caters to a niche segment after proper targeting and for bigger companies, it still is mass marketing that works. And, it is damn effective too; Google’s $5.19 billion in ad revenue in Q1 2008 is just a testimony to the fact.

online advtg vs traditional advtg

And, it is not just me who is appreciating Online Advertising. There are actual business owners who are pretty happy with its performance and are commenting on how it has benefited them. Tufail Khan, Vice President – Marketing at Carwalesays, “All advertisers in the auto industry should start using Google Adwords, and analyze it to see how much RoI is derived from the online space“. Google has a word of acceptance owing their success to the users; Sridhar Seshadri, Business Head, online sales operations at Google India, says, “SMEs contribute a significant portion of our ad sales revenue. We are seeing a good proportion of incremental spends from existing advertisers and there is a healthy growth innew SME advertisers signing up with us. A wide range of SMEs find value in advertising on the digital medium. They vary from car sellers to coaching institutes, chemical companies and stock brokers“.

The Advantages of Online Advertising are directly mentioned here -

  1. New communication possibilities for personalized messages to be delivered to targeted individuals in the form of target marketing, message tailoring, information access, sales potential, creativity, exposure and speed.
  2. Potential to reach a global audience enabling extensive exposure at a rapid pace.
  3. Marketers exploring new possibilities to implement traditional marketing strategies in electronic environments creating higher chances of synergy.
  4. Opportunities for creativity in online advertising are beyond any limits.

There are Dis-Advantages too. Proper address of issues such as measurement problems, audience characteristics, clutter, potential for deception, costs, limited production quality, cost user engagement, poor reach, lack of Intrusiveness are still by and large unanswered. But, the optimism lies in seeing the advantages and working towards utilizing it to the maximum.

Somehow, whenever I like something, I always tend to look at the other side of the coin. AndOnline Advertising has its other side and here it is. For, you to decide which side you want to prefer reading today. I prefer to still say, “OnlineAdvertising Rocks”.

Mark Kingdon says it all here – “Digital marketing in 2012 will be about simultaneous combustion where preference is created in an instant. Everything is being compressed to the third power, especially the precious milliseconds that marketers have to connect with consumers“. I say, You Bet !!

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