Facebook Trying To Eat Up Orkut’s Market Share In India?

Facebook is definitely on a growth path and is conquering different markets. After fulfilling its dream of becoming Numero Uno in US market it has now set its eye firmly on capturing major social networking pie in Latin and Asian markets.

fb eating up orkut's share

Facebook to boost its dominance and corner share from services like Orkut has introduced an Orkut friend finder tool. Thesmaller bookmarklet to find orkut friends on Facebook is available as a trick but this time the portal is publicizing the feature on Users homepage and has embed the search feature on Facebook itself.

A user is asked to log in into his Orkut account and is forwarded to friends page wherein a Contact file is automatically downloaded. The user then have to upload the contact file to Facebook to check Orkut friends who might be on Facebook. The friend finder also supports inviting friends onto Facebook thus providing more viral benefits to Facebook.

Check this screenshot below:


Check Orkut friends on Facebook and Add them in a click:

Invite Other friends on Facebook:

The move may be downplayed because many of Orkut users are Gmail users too which facebook friend finder already supports along with multitude of other services. This move would thus help facebook to shift social engagement & loyalty of Indian users from Orkut to Facebook in an easy manner.

Why this move?

Facebook seems to have introduced a lot of new services for Asian markets especially India in recent past. Orkut still remains the major social networking site in India and if Facebook wants to continue its growth momentum than it will have to enroll more users and friends on Facebook to become a mainstream social networking site in India.

Facebook introduced facebook lite and first tested for Indian and other emerging markets that itself cleared the air surrounding its strategy. The blogosphere took it as an assault on Twitter but the service is just a trimmed down versionand as such do not discharge its social networking features.Then how come it compete with twitter when the social networking approach is still intact?? Orkut too provides a similar cut down version for its social networking portal although its a different thing that people hardly use it.

Thus facebook is seriously considering making inroads into the social networking arena in emerging countries as it knows that the western markets would saturate after some time and emerging countries would be its only solace to find new users for its services. Its still needs to be seen how Orkut retaliates to facebook’s threat.

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