Ning Launches Apps’ Services For Its Array Of Social Networks – The App Fever Is Here!

The app fever refuses to die down and so is the buzzword in Web 2.0 scenario, even Ning. The white label social networking giant has launched apps service for its networking portal. Ning had earlier launched the App service for Admin profiles and also notified the expansion of apps one month earlier.


The new app platform would allow network administrator to implement the apps on their networking sites and thus harness the true potential for their social networks. The app platform is based upon OpenSocial, supported by Google and thus could see a flurry of other apps introduced on the portal. In the beginning Ning would have only 90 apps but expect the numbers to ramp up seriously.

Ning in recent times has been building up on features to fight competition from similar services like multiply. The company recently received another $15 million at a valuation of more than 750 million.

The introduction of application would provide it a big boost as in recent times launching a social network has become much more simplified with services like Elgg and Dolphin. Currently Ning has some 1.5 million networks on its services and has about 33 million registered users. This app introduction would help it to thwart open source competition in great strength as open platform is the need of the hour for social networking portals.

The Ning App directory is available here and includes prominent apps like Google docs, WordPress, RSS apps etc.

Do apps become an integral part of Social networking services?


Apps in today’s web environment has become a major part of social networking landscape. As majority of social networking behemoths like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn supports the inclusion of apps on their portals. Even Orkut has introduced apps through a whole new platform named Opensocial.

Apps are majorly credited for a portal’s success and is seen as the next big leap for the services. They help in increasing interactivity levels on site in addition to increase in total time spent per user. They also help the Social giants to create the new eco-system to involve third party developers as well as provides new monetization solutions for the site.

The apps platform is generally perceived as the no-cost initiatives as majority of apps are created by product companies and third party app developers who are in return compensated through Ad spots or other micro-payment structures. For Opensocial app platform its a sign of growing dominance among the partnered sites.

Expect many more inclusions of app platform in future even from regional based social networking sites.

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