Facebook Lite Live In India – Will You Use It?

Facebook has launced its lite version for Indian users as well along with US users as we read this morning. We also logged onto the lite version and felt that its far more similar to pownce (the microblogging network that was sold by Digg founder Kevin Rose to Six Apart) than to twitter. We have also pointed out the reasons because of which facebook has launched this lite version.

Check the screenshot below to see:


As you can see the above version is sans any apps which were the high point of facebook when it had launched them in 2007 and by 2008 they had over 1 billion installs. But many people have experienced that with apps comes clutter and with clutter comes facebook. We had also posted on whether twitter stood for simplicity while facebook for complexity. Sometimes less is more and that is the reason twitter works. Also the other point to note in the screenshot above is there are only options of like and comment right now and not even share (which was like a retweet feature to republish what you like on your feed.)

We have an old screenshot of pownce below and as you can see the similarities are a lot.pownce

Will You Use Facebook Lite?

It will be very interesting to see the usage pattern of users on facebook lite and how many actually chuck the old facebook layout and move to the new one. Currently facebook isn’t popularizing the new lite version to old users but I assume it will start doing so and will introduce the option to make lite your default facebook version when you log in. Facebook recently integrated the option to update your twitter page for fan page users and this again is another hint at their efforts to make users stick on facebook and not let them shift to twitter.

All in all I dont think I will use facebook lite only coz of its stripped down version I may just integrate my twitter updates to facebook and update both the sites together. Whats your take? Would you prefer lite?

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