Naaptol Adopts ‘Hot Deals’ To Attract Users – Is It Diluting Focus On Comparison Based Services?

It is widely known by marketers that Indian Customers very much like to buy goods in a sale or under heavy discounted prices.For Online e-commerce its no different as Ebay India attracts most of its visitors by promoting cheapest deals in the market. Naaptol seems to have adopted the same trick to penetrate deeply into the Indian markets and specially for Online e-commerce success.

Naaptol just few months ago introduced ‘hot deals’ section on its site under which users were given specific product deals at heavily discount prices. According to the company the strategy seems to have yielded good results in terms of market penetration in Tier I to Tier III cities. The company under this section allows purchase through Call, SMS, Web transactions and numerous other options.

According to Manu Agarwal, CEO & Founder,, “We have always been committed to serve our customers better. Naaptol has been able to establish itself as a strong brand and it is constantly thriving to deliver the promise associated with it. And this initiative is a recurrence to our commitment. Till now we were catering to online customers only but with this we have now been able to move to the non-techie users as well. There is much more to come.”

The portal currently claims to have around 1.5 mn visitors and registers around 800 per day. The company has also tied up with many courier and product companies for such e-commerce initiatives. Naaptol is presenting hot deals segment through traditional media channels to score brownie points. The deals are similar to ones offered by shop18 and similar bulk selling agencies as they tie-up directly with product companies to sell their offering at way below market prices with an aim to achieve higher sales volume.

Is Naaptol diluting focus on its Comparison based search engine approach?

Naaptol main specialty lies in providing product comparison based online services although it also focuses on bringing merchants and market enthusiasts through its eStore initiative. The eStore initiatives is long-term accretive for its business as many shoppers coming for comparison analysis may also find it convenient to order from the same site.

The company at the same time needs to avoid putting its resources heavily for creating any serious offline business model as such business suffers from bleak profitability in general. The shift in business approach could easily be foreseen by looking at company’s ‘hot deals’ initiative for marketing products not easily available in the market.

The product comparison business at the same time has seen phenomenal growth in recent times as users are adapting more towards online research before making a purchase. The various Offline e-commerce initiatives in recent past may have also diluted the company’s focus on its shopping comparison services itself. The Portal in addition to greater online focus also needs to simplify its businesses by categorizing its different business verticals .

Thus Naaptol initiative may be good for bringing traffic to portal but overdoing this initiative through vertical approach could easily mar its fortune in Online comparison segment itself.

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  1. September 10, 2009 at 1:46 pm #

    I see lots of deals discounts offers advertisements on different products in nwespapers television etc. But there are few deals discounts advertisements on digital media. How can a website contact advertisers for the advertisements on website. Who provides advertisements

    Brands – Companies
    Their advertisemnts agencies
    Shops that sell these products

    Or other source?


  2. September 14, 2009 at 4:37 pm #

    send me details regarding split ac and price details

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