Android On Its Way To Indian Shores – Will It Give iPhone A Run For Its Money?

Ever wondered, Why Android is sure to be a hit in Indian markets ?

Let me tell you that it could be one because Mobile is the future of communication. Mobile is for the masses to use and with expectations that the number of mobile users in India will overtake the number of users in US and China in the coming months, we can only celebrate its usage increasing leaps and bounds and that too at an astonishing speed. No one would complain and why should they after all.

android enabled phones

Needless to mention, Android is an open source software which works fabulously well and is not dependent on anything else, which is better than iPhone (some people say that it is a competitor to Android). It almost becomes an instant hit with small and average Indian start-ups as it is Java based which an average Indian programmer can work on. Isn’t it way beyond assumption that Android will rock.

Moreover, the news is out that Samsung and Motorola are about to launch their Android handsets shortly in the Indian market. As of now, the exact date and price can only be speculated with the hope that something good will be in store for the Indian buyer.

Samsung India Country Head (Mobile Business) Sunil Dutt tells, “Between now and December, we would be introducing at least 13 new models in the country, including handsets based on Android OS. We expect the Android phone to be a hit, especially among the youth and the developer community in the country“. A Motorola spokesperson added, “Motorola is planning to bring Android devices to market in Q4 in the US, on shelves in time for the holiday season“.


Expectations are sky high with Android, more so when iPhone has done reasonably well and companies are looking to duplicate the success. Andriod being a robust OS on an open source platform will surely give iPhone a run for its money. To what extent, remains to be seen.

Android has also got full support for touchscreen devices and web technologies, and that is just to add an icing on the cake. Bet, the best thing that can happen – cost of developing a high end mobile phone would substantially reduce in the years to come adding more merry to the buyer.

Isn’t it the only thing that you and me are concerned about?

2 Responses to “Android On Its Way To Indian Shores – Will It Give iPhone A Run For Its Money?”

  1. August 26, 2009 at 10:42 am #

    As a developer I am looking forward to the launch of Android in India. There’s so much that can be done here. I am not at all impressed by the ‘success’ of iPhone in India.

    Apple has created a closed platform that it wants tight control over. I don’t think a developer wants to work in that scenario.

    Personally I hope to be active in the Android market and launch our first app for Android next year.

  2. August 26, 2009 at 11:48 am #

    The headline’s a bit misleading – the HTC G1 and Magic are already in retail stores in India. Good story though,

    I don’t think the Android phones will take market share from iPhone – far more Indians have bought iPhone overseas/from the grey market than from retail outlets, and these folks have bought it because of the cachet associated with an iPhone. That can’t be replaced with an Android phone (not even the sexy HTC Hero). Even in the US, Android is estimated to have grown at the expense of Windows Mobile phones (Palm/HTC), not Apple.

    For success in India, I guess pricing and marketing matter:
    - Pricing: The HTC Magic costs Rs. 25000 (unlocked). The competition – phones like Nokia’s E71 and the Blackberry Curve 8320 – cost about Rs. 10000 less. If Samsung and Moto can price their phones at this price point – Rs. 15000-16000, then we’ve got a fight on our hands.

    - Marketing: this is a toughie. How do you market Android in India? For Samsung, the campaign message must be distinct from its current “touch the next” message because Android really is different (and much superior). Samsung and Moto can’t afford to have their Android phones look like “just another touch phone”. Finally, Samsung and Moto also need to figure out a product placement distinct from iPhone to avoid being labeled iPhone clones.

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