AstroYogi Goes Desi – Language Preferences, An Advantage?

In ancient India there were fortune tellers on the streets who used green parakeets to pick up tarot cards. They interpreted the tarot cards to foretell a person’s future. 27 fortune cards based on the Indian cosmic system, charts, a notebook and most importantly, parrots. The parrots are fed with fruit, nuts and chillies to sharpen their intelligence! Reality check here, today there is a need for online astrologers who can help you make your life better. They also tell you how and when can you help it make prosperous.

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An individual might hesitate to face an astrologer and tell him what’s going wrong in his life. But online astrology diminishes all the reluctance which he might face. Also the humiliation that he/she could face being told about their fortune by a ‘Popat’ (‘Parrot’ in Marathi) on the streets!

In times of recession, online astrology experienced a surprise bonanza especially in India where people believe in religion and Gods more than the ruins of a contemporary world. then saw an increase in the number of queries from the youngsters, majorly from IT professionals or B-school graduates. Primary questions are related to career, laid off and promotion.

Recently was in news as they launched their site in Hindi. Language preference is a big market advantage in the online business. Hence the entire suite of Astro services existing on the English version will be now available in Hindi including Live phone advice, vedic astrology services, palmistry services, life prediction, career prediction, love horoscope, health forecasts, Janam Patrika, match making and lot more. Yet again its clear that content dominates the internet and also helps attract newer audience. “Only 10.33% of the Indian population speaks and reads in English and therefore the Hindi Astroyogi portal is a strategic step forward in targeting the other 89% of the Indian population” says Ms. Meena Kapoor co-founder and CEO

How is the online astrology market placed?

Nailed at 40,000 crore the astrology market in India has a large part of their audience online. is one of the leading astrology portal for providing Astro services with a large pool of astrologers and several experts on its panel. While there are other players doing a fairly good job seeking attention of the people keen to know their destiny.


Lead by Bejan Daruwalla backed up by a team of experts, has been providing various services both free and paid – since their origination. Considering both technology and design they get one million visitors per month, generating five million page views. Thanks to PCWorld who once announced GaneshaSpeaks as the No. 1 astrology portal in India. This gave the portal an upper hand over its competitors like and They managed a market share of 40 per cent from more than Rs 15-20 crore of the online astrology market in India but the offline market was placed at a smashing Rs 4,000 crore annually.

2 Responses to “AstroYogi Goes Desi – Language Preferences, An Advantage?”

  1. August 19, 2009 at 2:53 pm #

    Nice piece, comprehensive..! I read about the PC world awards. They sound fake! how can anyone think that the ganesha speaks design is worth an award. it sucks! its ugly and technology is something they should not even touch, they cant get a single report out in time!
    I think these awards were paid for! Mr Daruwala has alot of money, he takes money even to sneeze.. :)
    All in all good post Abhishek

  2. August 19, 2009 at 4:06 pm #

    Hi Abhishesk,

    Interesting observation about localization, but I think just having the website in Hindi is not enough, what people actually care about are the reports they get. Are they in a local language?

    We launched in feb this year and we are going beyond anyone else as far as localization is considered. Our reports are available in as many as 10 Indian languages (though we prefer the interface in English as yet :).

    Do check out and give me some of your insights on this too.

    Cyril Gupta
    Chief Software Developer
    PublicSoft India

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