Nokia – Microsoft Forge Office Centric Alliance To Lure Business Mobile Users

Microsoft and Nokia have annoucned an alliance to bring into an alliance that will bring Microsoft Office Mobile and other productivity software to Nokia mobile phones. This move is clearly targetted at taking RIM the makers of Blackberry smart phones head on and also to take on Google’s android which is fast making inroads into the mobile segment. The main reason for Nokia to venture into this alliance has been its declining market share in the smart phone segment. Nokia’s symbian OS and lack of business tools weakens it position in front of Blackberry and the iPhone.


Under this agreement the work on the design, development and marketing of productivity solutions for business mobile users will start immediately. The microsoft software would be available on a series of Nokia smartphones starting with the E-series.

India A Big Market For Mobile Driven Productivity And Office Tools?

Globally the mobile apps market has seen tremendous growth and according to an IDC report market is projected to grow to Rs.15,932 crore ($3.5 billion) in 2010, with CAGR of 23 per cent. Another report states that US alone would reach $9 billion by 2011. We have earlier analysed the difference between native mobile apps and web based mobile apps. Given the penetration of mobile phone users in India and the global growth of smart phone sales all indicate that eventually India would be a very important market for this Microsoft Nokia alliance.

Whats your take? Would you give up a blackberry or iphone for a microsoft office enabled nokia phone?

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