Sprite’s Latest Campaign Online – TV Ads Take A Back Seat

It looks as if the Indian market is finally gearing up for advertising via the digital medium. We have already talked about the Bollywood movie houses increasing their digital medium budgets, while other examples include Star TV showcasing premiers online before television. The online advertising industry is slated to grow at 20% as compared to TV at 11% and print media at a meager 6%. The online media industry was growing at a whopping 85% pre recession times. Impressive.

Coming back on track, Coca Cola India is launching its latest campaign for Sprite on the internet first and giving the electronic medium a miss, a first of its kind decision! The company has partnered with In.com to run the digital campaign on August 7th and 8th while the electronic ads will be aired for two days on August 10th, afaqs.com reports.

sprite-coca cola

In.com reportedly has a daily traffic of 10 million users and Coca Cola is expecting to serve 2 million impressions via direct page hits and some other sources to the landing page. You can check it here.

Personally, I like the landing page. It’s completely clutter free. The video is fast loading and I somehow like the idea of showing snippets of the TV commercials and connecting them with online contests. This way, you ensure that there are people waiting for the ads on the TV once they get on air.

Pretty neat.

“In a psychological sense, launching the campaign online is a big, big, big move,” says Srinivas Murthy, general manager (Flavors), Coca-Cola India. The company is known to have advertising and marketing budgets of close to 30-35 per cent of its overall revenues.

In terms of the target market which Sprite is aiming at – the youth; the digital medium has proven time and time again to give good results. And a platform like In.com sees a huge influx of young people coming to keep abreast of news, music and friends. This campaign looks to continue with its brand communications around “Fridge Mein Jayega Bade Kaam Ayega”.

The campaign is also integrating OOH, radio and print creatives with the online activities which will last around 8 weeks.

Then what’s missing?

How about making this a bit more viral, Coca Cola people? It’s not very difficult to put some bookmarking buttons there, is it? With backing of 2 million impressions and a nice idea, this whole contest has the potential of going really viral and increase its momentum. And considering the fact that the audience will be net savvy youngsters, extending the ideas to social networks is a logical step.

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