UTV Bindass Launched Mobile Bindass Buddies – Mentor For College Freshers

At WATBlog, we informed you about the launch of Bindass.com by the Bindass TV of the UTV Group. Now UTV Bindass have launched Bindass Buddies in affiliation with Virgin Mobile. Like a Social Networking Site attracts users with their captivating strategies time and again, Bindass.com aims at something very innovative. Here, they want to give every scared, nervous, hesitant, unsure kid a mentor who would help them through the first two months of college. Their Buddy would always be on call to tell them what is happening throughout the year.


Exchange4media reports that the website has hired 150 students from more than 30 colleges in Mumbai and Delhi who have been recruited to help freshers. So that the freshers quickly pick up on what they need to know about their new college, these Buddies help them via their website. In 2008, the total number of online Indians was 49.4 million. The 19-24 year age group emerged as the ‘single largest’ age group of regular internet users this year at 44%. And hence this initiative came into existence.


The response that they have received, both from advertisers and sponsors, as well as from the students and general users of the site, have been extremely encouraging, according to Vahishta Mistry, VP – Interactive, UTV, in an email interaction with exchange4media. Bindass Buddies also claim to have a targeted online ad campaign and a series of emails to college students. They will also be present on certain fests and cultural activities in colleges.


The first task of each Buddy is to help create the Ultimate Survival Guide for their college. 150 Buddies from more than 30 colleges in Mumbai and Delhi have been recruited and 40,000 customized copies of this guide will be distributed to fresher’s within the first week of college. Every bit of content in the guide is customized for its home college and is written by the Buddies themselves. All the content is also available online, on the Campus section of Bindass.com, where changes can be made, sections can be updated and rated by all the users. Users can also rate the Buddies, which will no doubt lead to fierce competition within this Virgin Mobile Bindass Buddies Chart for pole position. It also allows students to create their college space, post news, gossip, tips and tricks, event schedules and so on.


The Virgin Mobile Bindass Buddies will also be showcased, in a specially-created series of vignettes. They will showcase life on their campus, highlighting the special USPs of each of their colleges in a typically Bindass manner. These vignettes will be played during an interactive SMS-driven music band on Bindass channel. The primary objective is to identify user patterns and drive traffic on the site. Vahishta Mistry added saying that they expect to see unique users in the low millions by the end of the financial year.

To set up or view your college page, nominate a Bindass Buddy, publish posts and comments and connect with your friends register here.

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