Indimoto Opted Carpooling Through Radio – Will There Be More Such Internet-Radio Integrations?

As you have seen, companies now-a-days have started talking about Go Green, paper-less communication etc etc due to global warming. Auto classified site has also taken a step to make our environment clean and green. They are also the first car pool website who has now signed a MoU with India’s leading radio network Radio City 91.1 FM . They have partnered with Radio station 91.1 to start a new program focusing on carpool in Mumbai and Delhi. This service will be started in other cities too after monitoring the success of first phase.

For all who didn’t know what’s car-pooling -

Basically, carpooling means sharing a ride to your workplace or any desired destination. Its also called car-sharing, ride-sharing, lift-sharing or covoiturage. It was devised in the mid-70s to eradicate environmental problems caused by vehicles. It also solves the problem of traffic and sound pollution.


Let’s See, how it works

If you want to take carpool service then just send an SMS to Radio City which in turn will forward the SMS to Indimoto in return will post your carpool request on their website. They also ensure that you receive the best response and find partners of choice on your route and at a desired time.

You can catch the program which will be aired in Delhi & Mumbai between 7am-11am and 5pm-9pm (Monday-Friday) till 15th August. Alongwith Music and Masti, Radio City RJ – Simran, Varun, Archanaa & Praveen will also educate the listeners about the benefits of carpool and share success stories of commuters. However, I could find any link or information on Indimoto & Radio City site about this service.

Indimoto CEO, Udit Bhandari said, “It’s great to partner with Radio City to promote and facilitate carpooling amongst millions of listeners in Delhi and Mumbai. Each listener who finds a carpool through the initiative is directly contributing towards reducing traffic instead of just blaming the infrastructure and the authorities for not doing enough”.

You must have been late for office or college or meeting due to a traffic jam, if this kind of service works well then traffic jam problem will resolve upto some extent and fuel efficiency that has to be the major focus. Carpool service is very actively and efficiently working in other countries, now some Indian companies are also coming forward and taking initiatives on this. A free to use environmental initiative which also looks at helping commuters save money and curtail vehicular pollution by reducing the number of cars on the streets of Delhi and Mumbai, to begin with.

Internet-Radio Integration

This was one of the current scenarios in which Internet advertises Radio channels and in return radio announces anything happening on the site that promotes their channel. So its a give-n-take situation. You don’t agree? Check this out. have created the button that says ‘Perky tweets that will make you smile’. This particular button takes you to another page that says in the corner that the witty tweets will be read on the radio. Will there be more such examples in the coming years? I think this will definitely benefit internet more than anything else. And, if you’ve still not noticed. There’s a mediator who continues to play a vital role. The li’l birdie flies higher and higher each day!


(with inputs by Abhishek Kapoor)

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    How many people use alone their car for work, study or else, even several times a week? is an easy way to find someone to share a trip with, is a meeting point between those who offer and those who look for a lift and it is the best way to save money, pollute less and meet new friends!

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