iAvatarZ To Launch A Video Ad Network

iAvatarZ Digital, online advertising network would soon be launching their own video Ad network. The video Ad network would try to monetize video content of its associate partners by providing pre and post roll Ads. The video ad network would also allow them to provide video banners beneficial for both advertisers and publishers.


iAvatarZ provides tailored Ad targeting and monetization services to advertisers, marketers and agencies. The company currently has publishers like Businessweek, Zdnet, Cnet,UTVi,IndianExpress. The main introduction is the company’s foraying into social media marketing solutions which would also compliment its publishers network.

The company is also trying to focus more on providing brand building Ad inventory to its partners rather than going for performance based metrics.They would even be launching their own Ad metrics to develop a rating point system similar on the line with GRP-currently applied in television.

iAvatarz currently has around 750 online publishers among them 60 per cent are global portals. The company is also said to have carried out 70-75 campaigns for various advertisers and served about 200 million Ad impressions in the last quarter.

In recent past we have seen Biggies like Reliance communication, Nokia, Sprite utilizing Social media inventory of publisher sites to broadcast their messages.This increasing activity certainly calls for social media based ad network.iAvatarZ entry into social media arena may immensely benefit  its ad network as it would help it to maximize Ad dollars for publishers.

Social media marketing is set to cross $ 1 Billion in 2010 and would be registering 30-35% annual growth thereafter. Many big Ad spender has also re-iterated their focus on social media marketing even in the turbulent times.Social media marketing is also said to provide higher ROI to advertisers in long term.

The larger focus on social media marketing by online ad networks like iAvatarz is a big positive for publishers as they would have more avenues for monetization although these services are only limited to big publishers in the beginning.This would also help in relaxing norms and decrease focus on performance based metrics.

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