Google’s Android Vs Intel’s Moblin, and yes Nokia’s Maemo

Since the first release of Android, Google’s Linux based OS stack,T-mobile alone, the first to get into the market with an android phone G1 sold 1 million devices, now The Open Handset Alliance,the developer of the Android has released  newer version of the OS stack The Cupcake boasting a range of new features including

  • Fast, smooth typing with the on-screen virtual keyboard
  • Video recording, playback, and sharing
  • Full web experience with enhanced browser
  • Hands-free calls and listening with stereo bluetooth

And  most of the leading mobile phone manufacturers including Samsung,Sony Ericcson, HTC and Motorola have announced their own android based phones. It is also estimated by one strategy analytics that the shipments of handsets running the OS will grow 900 percent this year as more vendors adopt it and it will far outpace the growth of Apple’s iphone in 2009.

Despite being a member, Intel fostered it’s own Linux based software platform Moblin,which it recently handed over the control to Linux Foundation,Initially developed for Intel’s  processor Atom this move of Intel is possibly intended to get a leverage from Linux Foundation and to move the stack to embrace platforms beyond Atom.

Though Google is initially targeting smartphones with Android and Intel is targeting Moblin at Netbooks and Mobile Internet Devices, Android powered Netbooks are apparently released and that’s where the probable contention is,blowing off the initial efforts of android powered netbooks Intel and Novell announced a deal to push Moblin which include Novell not only will create Moblin based product for netbooks but also will establish an open lab in Taiwan to push Moblin adoption.

Though vendors are more interested in Android as an alternative for windows,including HP which is already testing Android platform for a possible netbook,given the juvenile state of Android in netbooks there is a good chance for Intel and Novell ending up dominating the mobile computing market.

Amid all this Nokia, announced that it is considering venturing into Netbook business and is possibly rolling out a mobile internet device or a tablet for which nokia has it’s own Linux based Operating System called Maemo and it is largely open source.

Now the real conclusion is that these companies are trying hard to build open source developer communities around their core platforms to leverage their respective businesses

- Google knows Mobile Internet is the next big thing and want to sell it’s Ad’s on mobile.

- Intel want’s to push it’s processors into the mobile space using Moblin

- Nokia want’s to win back it’s smartphones business from RIM and trying to grab the next big opportunity, Mobile computing.

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