Harbhajan Singh Blogs On BigAdda – Celebrity Blogging The Future Of Bigadda?

BigAdda made a huge splash when it roped in Big B to blog on its platform. Since then it has roped in several small and big celebrities from different fields to blog on BigAdda. Now it seems with IPL on the rise bringing a cricketer on board was imperative and hence comes Harbhajan Singh (who is part of Mumbai Indians at the IPL) who will be blogging on the BigAdda platform.


Harbhajan Singh states, ‘“Blogging is the easiest platform to stay in constant touch with my fans and well wishers and to share interesting anecdotes. It gives me immense pleasure to have Bigadda.com as my blogging partner. I spend a lot of time traveling across the globe and have limited opportunities to interact with my fans and well wishers. This is something I feel I owe my fans where they will get a chance to know my thoughts and will be able to share their views with me.”

The url to Harbhajan’s blog is bhajji.bigadda.com.

Celebrity blogging might be the key?

Most people know that Big B’s blog garners huge traction for Bigadda especially when there is a controversy around it. Given this fact and the fact that BigAdda has sister concerns in a movie production house in Big Pictures and a Bollywood news site and a rentals business in Bigoye.com and Bigflix.com it makes perfect sense for them to be the bollywood and celebrity social network/blogging platform.

There are very few places where fans can connect with the bollywood celebs directly and most bollywood celebs dont have the time like Aamir khan does to setup a blog and interact continuously. If Bigadda can enable that for bollywood stars then it may just have a big winner on its hands as its the USP which wouldn’t be easily copied.

2 Responses to “Harbhajan Singh Blogs On BigAdda – Celebrity Blogging The Future Of Bigadda?”

  1. Tanya
    April 20, 2009 at 12:24 pm #

    Celebrity blogs are popping up everywhere. While they used to only have websites and fan sites, now they have something to say. For example, the most recent website to have jumped on the bandwagon is http://indipepal.com. Indipepal has claims to have ‘experts’ such as Shashi Tharoor, Robin Sharma, Nina Manuel and Rakesh Sharma blogging about their favorite topics. I like Rakesh Sharma’s blog…it’s refreshing to read opinions on Indian defense strategies first hand. http://indipepal.com/page/blogger/Rakesh_Sharma/57

  2. Faru
    April 20, 2009 at 12:54 pm #

    “Celebrity Blogging The Future Of Bigadda?” Money Power, Sites like facebook, myspace, orkut, twitter haven’t spend any money on marketing. But bigadda spending lot of money and in 2 yrs if they don’t even have a good active user base, which is really bad.

    Getting some user base with the help of celeb blogs don’t increase the value of product. As far as the bigadda product itself is a crap, with nothing new in it, they can’t make a good active user base.


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