Admagnet To Handle Ad Sales For People Interactive

People Interactive  the company behind internet brands such as,,, and has decided to outsource its ad sales management to DGTL Media the parent company of the ad network admagnet. is one of the top 1000 sites in the world as per alexa and it also gets a good amount of US centric visitors as per quantcast. Even though the numbers of page views and visitors are quite high classified models like and haven’t really been able to scale up their ad revenues. Most of their revenues come from subscription sales. This move clearly indicates a need to outsource non core functions to a specialist which in this case is Admagnet.

So all ad sales for People Interactive will now be handled by DGTL Media. This also means that Admagnet the ad network would have inventory of over 200 million impressions a month at its disposal. This also includes up market NRI’s.

The question that remains is the value of ads on a matrimony or property site vis a vis a content site like I mean is there a way to pit one against the other? Common sense would suggest that people looking for brides or grooms are less likely to click on ads unless its an ad about a wedding ring! Whats your take?

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  1. April 2, 2009 at 3:52 pm #

    They would have done better to hire an international ad agency cos Indian ad networks can’t sell at premium rates…..even an inhouse agency setup works….If they are not making much moolah from their site is due to their design cos whats the use of 100px padding on both side when that space could have been used for content+ads…as pointed about their subscription model….then don’t subscription based sites gets higher cpc prices?yes they do in my sense..
    btw about ad preferences…..these matrimonial sites in india are so famouse because many guys surf it for evil purposes(dating friednship etc) …so all type of ads would work(aka make money from stalkers…and they can be tweaked with the search preference selected by the user…and even many categories fall under after or before marriage aspiration…e.g cars,diamonds,houses,travel etc… would know it when you marry :))

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