Google Kills Adsense For Videos

In a recent blogpost from Google, the California based company has announced the move to discontinue adsense for video programme from May.

Adsense for video units were introduced in October 2007 and it allowed publishers to show YouTube content and relevant ads on their pages.

All publishers have been informed to remove adsense for video units or else from May those ad units will direct users to without any earning from those units and this would in no way affect the video ads appearing in adsense for content.

At the same time Google will continue to accept applications from publishers who produce video contents to have AdSense for video units on their content. What will be discontinued is the option for non-video owners to embed videos on their sites with AdSense units from their AdSense account.

This comes as a shock to publishers who where betting that monetization avenues would keep on rising with different additions like adsense for rss and other likely avenues in future.

According to them they decided to axe the programme after internal reviewing process as the programme was not having the desired impact meaning not earning enough money for google.

What does this means for publishers?
Publishers were betting that google would open all youtube videos for adsense unlike just videos from content owner qualified to participate although that didn’t happen but one important avenue of monetisation is killed. The video adsense were reporting very impressive CTR’s.

The publishers might be tempted to turn over to video ad networks like Revver, who rewards not only content creators but content sharing users. This could mean good news for nearly drowning revver.

Expect google to go with many more cost cutting measures and spurning of non-core activities but this move seriously puts a question on Google’s ability to market their advertising products in this case adsense for videos.

At the same time their monetization strategy was also not correct by showing cluttered ads going against its own policy of keeping it simple. They could have just provided few ads after video just what revver do with google ads in their videos which in turn could have presented attractive proposition to advertisers.

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