ExecTweets.com – Twitter, Microsoft and FM Team up to What Seems an Online Advertising Escapade – Twitter’s First Monetization Step?

Find and Follow Top Business Execs on Twitter is how the tagline goes on Exectweets.com. Their about page reads as follows: ExecTweets is a resource to help you find and follow the top business executives on Twitter. Created by Federated Media, in partnership with Microsoft, ExecTweets is a platform that aggregates the tweets of top business execs and empowers the community to surface the most insightful, business-related tweets.

In other words Twitter and Federated Media have come up with an online branding/advertising solution for Microsoft. In further words Twitter might have just cut its monetization chord.

It makes sense that way to me, Federated Media is an agency championing the conversational mode of advertising. Twitter is a champion of conversational media. Microsoft is clearly a brand at the forefront of online advertising as an advertiser.

If I am not wrong this is the first instance of a Twitter promoted third party website, and it clearly has a revenue arrangement with Microsoft as a sponsor. Ok I guess you get my point.

The website is essentially a collection of tweets from top business heads on Twitter like Virgin’s Richard Branson, eBay’s Pierre Omidyar, Digg’s Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose, Twitter’s own Evan William and yes, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. The exact details are up on the about page of the site. Business heads who want to jump into exectweets.com as a branding opportunity for themselves, just need to follow @exectweets and the team there would decide whether to add your twitter stream to the site.

Numbers? Everyone who thinks it is a monetization step would soon be talking the number as the Twitter business model has been one of intense speculation and debate over the past year. Even we have blogged quite a lot about it over the past few months. It was just today morning that I spoke about Twitter needing to look beyond traditional advertising methods to make money and lo we have news on that front. Words spread really quickly these days, and ideas even faster. Kidding about that, however, the point is it is definitely an interesting monetization model from Twitter’s perspective. It uses to advantage its huge and unique data of tweets. Has created a niche site which will therefore be a perfect branding opportunity which niche endeavors tend to provide.

An interesting first step nevertheless.

2 Responses to “ExecTweets.com – Twitter, Microsoft and FM Team up to What Seems an Online Advertising Escapade – Twitter’s First Monetization Step?”

  1. Raghav soni
    March 27, 2009 at 5:40 pm #

    Is rajiv dingra and maneesh madambath(2 executives at wat) there on Exectweets??

  2. March 28, 2009 at 3:08 pm #

    I don’t know about WAT Executives ..though Rajiv can surely be on Exectweets.. but none of the Smursh executives are on Exectweets yet :)

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