Komli’s Vizisense Launches Online Media Planning Tool – MediaMix

Komli Media an ad network backed by VC’s lIke DFJ, Nexus and Helion which had earlier launched an online traffic measurement and metric tool in vizisense.com has now extended that product to include online media planning tool called Mediamix. We had predicted this when they had launched Vizisense late last year.

Mediamix Screenshot (click to enlarge)

This is a natural extension as having traffic statistics and data on websites and their demographics means the same can be converted into a media planning tool. This isn’t the first media planning tool available as Google ad planner (a free media planning tool from google) has been around for sometime now. Though google has recieved flak for its planner tool and the accuracy of the data it represents.

Google Ad Planner Tool (click to enlarge)

Besides for the google ad planner tool media planners usually rely on the data given to them by the publishers which ofcourse would be skewed in their favor. There is no credible, standalone, accurate tool that can given relevant data to both publishers and media planners. There are players like comscore and imrb which keep releasing data on overall indian internet users and also top websites. But a longtail media planning tool like google ad planner which is accurate is still to be found in the Indian market. This attempt by Komli is to create that tool.

How does Vizisense MediaMix Work?

ViziSense MediaMix presents a site’s demographic composition for the selected target audience, along with overall statistics on unique unduplicated visitors, reach, and page views. MediaMix also contains features that allow agencies and marketers to save, export and compare media plans for future use.

How does it capture data?

1. The ViziSense Panel, which captures the complete Internet behaviour and consumption pattern of more than 15,000 online users in real time. Panelists are recruited across a cross section of various demographic segments to ensure a well-diversified and representative sample.

2. The ViziSense Tag, embedded by publishers on their Web pages, that provides actual traffic data for a given Web site.

Access to ViziSense MediaMix is currently under closed beta and is available by invitation only.

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  1. March 12, 2009 at 1:22 pm #

    vizisense.com, is a good tool.

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