Dark Knight – Viral Marketing Campaign

In May 2007, 42 Entertainment began a viral marketing campaign utilizing the film’s “Why So Serious?” tagline.

This video is a must watch:

[youtube width="425" height="335"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpuC7HhCPWA[/youtube]

A transmedia experiment with over 10 million particpants in over 75 countries that played across hundreds of web pages, interactive games, mobile phones, print, email, real world events, video and unique collectibles! The internet was the thread which held together all the other spools (mediums).

Part of the campaign was a request by the Joker to hit local landmarks in full Joker make-up! From London to the Middle East. From Pennsylvania to India. Every participant became an evangelist of the movie!

Youtube throws up more than 199,000 results for the term Dark Knight!

The results?
The most advance pre-sale tickets ever sold! Opening night, morning, midnight, 3AM and 6AM shows were sold out across the US. It recorded the biggest opening day of all time! Dark Knight was also the top grossing film of the year.

Closer to home, Ghajini did a good job of using the internet, but it was a little ahead of its times. What really worked well was the Aamir Khan hair-do and the stunt within cinema halls. This got hours and hours of free PR via TV channels and could have been better leveraged using the internet. Ghajini went on to become the highest grossing Bollywood movie till date.

What new age marketers need to realise is that the web shouldn’t be treated as a separate property. One should use the web to bind the other mediums together.

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