– Yet another Classifieds portal

Classifieds seem to be back in business!

A new player in this niche is This follows (A company which raised around $4 million from Helion ventures)

Khojle is from the house of Dainik Jagran and is a part of J9 ventures.

What’s Dainik Jagran?
Dainik Jagran is a Hindi newspaper and is one of the world’s largest read daily newspapers.

J9 is a venture of the JPL (Jagran Prakashan Ltd) and is a value added service, working in the field of mobile home shopping,auctions and other digital classified platforms, through out the country.

It is interesting to see traditional media houses setting up such online portals. Since Khojle is backed by the Jagran group, we should see a decent amount of money being spent on advertising the site. Its good for the Indian Web & Mobile scene with money still being poured into Local Search and Classifieds. India still lacks a Classifieds portal as huge as Craigslist.

While many of you might cringe at the news of yet another classifieds site, let us not forget that 97% of our population is still not online. Classifieds solve the major purpose of finding information and contact details and the future of classifieds on mobile is huge.

How’s their service?
A friend tells me that Khojle has been around for the last couple of months. Khojle launched around November 2008 and has shown steady growth in Delhi. They’ve started advertising in and around Mumbai now.

My personal opinion – I don’t like the sound of the domain name at all. But then many companies have proven to us that the name doesn’t really matter. Does any of you remember though? They were around even before Google! That would have been a nice name to acquire.  Will I use it? I’ll still Google what I want, but maybe I might just give it a shot via mobile.

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