Star TV ties up with for Online Video Distribution

nautanki has partnered with Star Tv to make Star’s content available on demand in the online space This isn’t the first engagement between Star and Nautanki as Channel V has already been streamed online for the ‘Get Gorgeous’ show which delivered a claimed 1.5 million views a day.

Nautanki is diligently following the strategy of tying up with content players and then letting them sell Nautanki’s inventory to their advertisers. In this way nautanki saves up on two front’s one is the fact that it doesn’t need to worry about ROI to advertisers and the other is it wont need a battalion of sales people to evangelize online video.

StarTv currently  broadcasts over 60 television services in 13 languages to more than 300 million viewers across 53 Asian countries which means that there is no dearth of video content. The contention would be whether advertisers would pay for online video. If yes then how much? Also outsourcing sales to the content provider could have other issues i.e. transparency on revenue etc.

Nautanki has been making strides when it comes to partnerships and tie ups since it was acquired by

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