Recap 2008: Online Ad Networks In India

2009 can be termed as the year of the rise of the ad networks. This year many new ad networks were launched as well as some big deals were cracked in the adnetwork space. There was a lot of money via funding pumped into this space as well. Then by the end of the year international players too jumped into the Indian adnetwork scene.

The main players in this segment are Komli, Ozone Media, Tyroo By SITG, NetworkPlay By Webchutney, Admagnet By Interactive Avenues, Adchakra By Percept Knorigin, DGM (affiliate network) By DGM India,  Paypod, Adwinks by Ibibo, Jivox, Vdopia (Video Ad Networks), Tonictag By Ishir Digital and the latest entrants being Fox Networks, Oridian and Microsoft’s DrivePM

adnetworks in india

Lets have a look at the currently overcrowded ad network space in India:

The year started with Komli announcing its ad deal with Ebay India. This was by far the largest deal announced just yet given that ebay is one of the top 100 sites in India. Around mid year is when the ad network traction started hotting up we did a post on why ad networks were good for publishers, advertisers and users as well. The big international launch was one by Technorati which announced a social media ad network.

This was around the same time that webchutney the digital agency forayed into vertical online ad networks and announced travel and women vetical with GoSinbad and Diva ad networks. The funding for ad networks started with Ozone getting funded by IDG Ventures for 4 million $. Seeing this traction in the ad network space in India Global online giant AOL announced its plans to bring its ad network to India. Around the same time ad networks started venturing into verticals with games2win launching its gaming ad network in inviziads.

With more and more publishers launching their own ad networks the world over we were made to look at the advantages of publishers launching their own ad networks. The global trend rubbed on to India as well with Ibibo working on its own ad network adwinks. Around mid october Networkplay – a vertical ad network was formed out of the ealier two travel and women’s vertical that Webchutney had initiated. Soon networkplay pulled off a major international publisher deal with Gawker media.

In the same month Komli tied up with international brand measurement firm Vizu and launched Vizisense and Fox announced their plans to launch their network in India. The months of november and december were filled with action as far as the ad network space was concerned. December brought in funding news again this time for a video adnetwork in vdopia from Nexus India Capital. As the year was fading away Networkplay signed on another publisher in Zee news and launched the news vertical. The year ended with the news of Microsoft looking to launch its own ad network Drive PM in India.

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