Rajshri Ties Up With Joost – To Stream Full Length Feature Films

Rajshi Media has tied up with Joost the the broadcast-quality Internet television service to stream its content for free on Joost. The content that will be made available on Joost will be a large library of premium bollywood programming, including full-length feature films, music videos, TV shows and made-for-web programming, like the series Akbar Birbal Remixed.


Rajshri has always been keen on maximizing distribution for its content and popularizing the same to an international audience. It had already conquered youtube with a premium channel on the same and now it has taken the step to tie up with Joost. The Rajshri videos on Joost can be accessed here -> http://www.joost.com/34xj1s8/t/Rajshri-Music.

Rajshri CEO in an interview to WATBlog had stated that 95% of their revenues come from advertising but they expect it to change to 50% ads and 50% downloads soon. This free distribution of content is to build their brand as an online player in the International markets and there by get more people to download the content they have on their own portal.

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  1. December 10, 2008 at 6:38 pm #

    What content will be available here….really wanna know. Also, will this be only targeted towards Hindi speaking audiences.

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