Nominations Open At – The Startup Event – The Startup Event which happens every 6 months and which we have been following since the first edition – Check our coverage of proto 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Now in its 5th edition is being held at Bangalore at NIMHANS on the 23rd and 24th of January. They have opened nominations for startups 3 days ago and one can nominate oneself by logging on to and filling out the nominations form.

The nominations will be open only till the 15th of December. For all those wanting to know what happened to the web startups that presented at in the last 4 editions here is a list of the status we got via Startupdunia.

Jan 2007 event:

SaffronConnect: Service is shut down.

Ixigo: Going strong – Started offering hotel search, international searches and entered into business partnerships with TravelGuru, NDTV.

SERaja: Service shut down.

Spoteazy: Site and service is still active although no idea on how well they’re doing.

Picsquare: Acquired by InfiBeam recently

Taazza: Service is currently offline. Blog was last updated in March 2007 while the last Twitter update on Nov 13th says that they’re working on a new version.

July 2007 event:

Inasra: Seem to be alive and kicking and doing fine

Tyroo: Doing well. Launched several vertical channels. Yahoo bought a 35% stake in July 2007

Cricko/Cricketology: Site still online, but hardly see any activity on the site

RouteGuru: Going strong. Recently did a business partnership with Zoomtra to offer Delhi driving directions

Minekey: Secured a $3million VC funding.

Voiee: Site still online but last blog update was in July 24th. Our review here.

Tolmolbol: Service still active. Content – stories, reviews, events – is current and relevant, although blog was last updated in February.

Jan 2008 Event:

Antya: Secured angel funding from Vivek Pahwa, DesiMartini founder. Website is alive, but the service has been shut down. Founders have moved on. Our interview with the founders here.

Atoneplace: Seem to be doing pretty well. Organizing events for NRI’s wanting to buy real estate in India. They’ve also launched a section called LegalCorner, which answers legal concerns from investors, as well as a video portal for real estate developers to showcase their properties.

Viewspaper: Service is active and the site content is current and relevant.

Instablogs: They have been doing well and have raised funding from Vishal Gondal’s angel fund Sweat and Blood Ventures. Still in beta and recently opened up to add 200 users.

July 2008:

All the startups from the July 2008 event:

Muziboo, LifeBlob, Lootstreet, Storrz, Apnabill, Lordsofodds, PicPorta

are still active and some of them are executing exceptionally well. LIfeblob has raised funding from seedfund.

  • 4 of the 25 Internet startups have shut down – SEraja, saffronconnect, taazza, antya
  • 8 of the 25 startups have secured seed/VC funding – ixigo,picsquare, tyroo, minekey, antya,instablogs,,lifeblob

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