Cleartrip Launches Cleartrip For Business – Diversification In Tough Times? has launched a new website  their corporate travel customers in which is sort of a travel planner cum booking engine which is targetted to help corporates cut costs.
It allows corporates to book their domestic and International air tickets, hotels and Rail tickets and gives discounts of 5% on hotel bookings and 10% on all airline bookings. It also offers corporates to have deposit accounts which are updated/ deducted when a booking on the account is made.

cleartrip for business

The best feature of the product is the ability for corporates to monitor their employees travel schedule via an online calendar complete with times and dates. It also supports the iCalendar standard which is supported by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and many others. Currently the site is in private beta and only limited to a few corporates

Cleartrip bullish on revenue’s from this product
“We are expecting a 25% of business from the CleartripforBusiness product. We have 20 corporate houses already using the product and we will be focusing on SMEs amongst Tier I &II markets who will find this tool most beneficial’’, said Stuart Crighton, Cleartrip’s Founder and CEO.

Diversification and value beyond booking a need of the hour?

As everyone knows these are tough times in travel. And this product comes as a much needed diversification for cleartrip. Business travel and travel management of employees is one of the most non automated things in even some large enterprises. Infact they have their travel agents and much of this happens via phone calls in most SMB’s and even in some big companies.

This product to me is a move into the corporate travel management space. Almost like a software as a service offering for travel booking and management in corporates. Obviously this isn’t a paid product and revenue model is still on bookings of travel but maybe just maybe if the product features are scaled up and there is enough traction for the product from the corporate end then this could end up being a software as a service model for Cleartrip and if they haven’t yet thought about it then Im think they should.

2 Responses to “Cleartrip Launches Cleartrip For Business – Diversification In Tough Times?”

  1. bhavna
    November 21, 2008 at 8:38 pm #

    I dont this cleartrip will go the Saas way as they are focussed on online travel. I will be very surprised if they do.

  2. November 23, 2008 at 8:44 am #

    This is a smart move. In the indian travel industry, corporate business holds the majority share.

    Not only is it good bulk business, but also it is far more easier than selling retail. If they can provide airport/offline support for their corporate clients, i think they can certainly make more than 25% from corporate sales.

    Unlike retail sales, the corporates do not shop for deals, they look for service as well. If they have to pick up sales in the corporates, they need to provide the service they ask for.

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