Exclusive: Google Working On Ad Platform Exclusively For Orkut

Exclusive: Well we have confirmed news from multiple sources that Google is working on a Ad platform exclusively for Orkut.com and has already started testing the same with a few beta advertisers.

orkut ads

Here is what we know of this new ad platform:

1) Its separate from Adwords infact it uses Double Click technology which was acquired by Google

2) It is only for Display Ads and for CPM buys

3) Its for increasing premium advertising on Orkut

4) This new ad platform wont be used in Open Social or any other site as of yet except orkut

5) The official rollout may happen in the next 3 months

The platform has no name as yet as per our sources as its still being tested with a few advertisers. If anyone else knows anything more do drop us a line on info(at)watblog(dot)com. Annonymity is guaranteed.

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  1. Karthick
    November 17, 2008 at 6:45 pm #

    Its good to know earlier .
    But looking a head to know more.
    expecting for updates soon!

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