RCom Launches Quick Search Service – Powered By Onyomo

Reliance Communication has announced the launch of ‘Quick Search’an information search service powered by OnYoMo.com on Reliance Mobile World(R World). We at WATBlog have always felt that onyomo’s mobile search services which was earlier owap.in and is now accessible from m.onyomo.com is one of the best in local search on mobile so its no surprise to see them forging tie ups.

reliance onyomo quick search
The ‘Quick Search’ service on RCom phones includes information on banks, ATMs, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, cinema theaters, cultural centers, educational institutions, hospitals, blood banks, chemists, airline offices, airports, railway stations, petrol pumps, cinema theaters, movie timings and many others.

The service cost could be a dampner though as each search query would be charged at Rs 3 on all Reliance Mobile World Phones including Blackberry handsets. Now thats an obscene amount when you can do the same via gprs and access m.onyomo.com and wont be charged half as much. I dont have a reliance phone but it would be interesting to know if Rcom has blocked access to onyomo via gprs after this tie up. Also what would be interesting to know is how much is onyomo earning from the Rs 3 per search. Given the operators affinity to distributing peanuts I doubt it would be more than 10%.

Speaking of this service, Mr. Krishna Durbha, Head – VAS, Reliance Communications said, “This service has really come as a boon to millions of subscribers of Reliance Mobile. Henceforth, they won’t have to waste their precious times in referring to an outdated telephone directory or yellow pages or await an operator for the requested information. In a few seconds, ‘Quick Search’ will furnish it. It’s both time saving but cost effective. I am sure that this service will be most sought after by our customers as it makes required information readily available.”

Sure Mr.Durbha this service will be a boon though whether its more of a boon for RCom than RCom users is debatable given the cost of the service. Also time saving is a good point but cost effective? Really?

Do check out Mr.Durbha’s defense on the Operator-Content Provder revenue share numbers.

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  1. November 10, 2008 at 1:39 pm #

    Over GPRS the charges are Rs 0.10 per 10KB. I am sure their home page + result page is smaller than 10KB. So the difference is 30x.

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