Latest Online Virals – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

There have been a plethora of virals launched recently and in my view the bollywood hook is being overused in these virals and a lack of innovation in concept is seen in some. This is an attempt to review three online virals separate the men from the boys and label them the good, the bad and the “f”ugly respectively! Read on..

The Good

Milan Ki Khatir – Center Fresh Viral (

Milan ki Khatir

This viral takes off on the television sitcom Bikram aur Betal. Created by the viral happy agency Webchutney. This is a complete viral which not only excites but also engages. The viral starts with a story about a couple and its problem child which does not allow the couple to have “fun” (read as sex) at night. The kid keeps asking for Betal and asks his dad to bring betal for him. Now if any of you remember bikram and betal was a sitcom in which betal asked questions and if bikram answered them correctly betal would run away. Now this part of the story has been converted into a game by the webchutney guys i.e. Bikram needs to pop a center fresh in betals mouth just when he is about to ask a question. This brings him closer to home and ofcourse closer to mating with his wife after he hands over betal to his son.

Why is this Viral So good?

Ride on proven success - Bikram and Betal was a much loved sitcom of the generation X which grew up watching it. So if you are 25 now and you were brought up in India chances are you watched Bikram and Betal and have fond memories of childhood associated with it. Which means the connect with the story is already there and this viral just adds the mating with my wife angle to it to make the game and centerfresh angle exciting.

Fresh Concept – The concept is fresh and hasn’t been used by any other viral. You will know what I mean when I come to the bad and ugly virals.

Kick ass execution – Virals are all about engagement without being corny or cheesy and this one does that. It keeps you engaged atleast till you get the betal back once and get to mate with your wife. Lets say men will do anything for sex even if its virtual!

The Bad – Viral (

Pagaar Shine Viral

Why is it bad?

Same Deewar Theme – Well we had blogged about earlier of how this theme has been recycled over and over again. Though its a popular theme and builds a connect easily it also loses value with each bad execution in the minds of the viewer. So had launched the viral site and used a deewar movie angle which was also exploited by zapak and there was also HCL which used the dewaar story to weave a viral around it.

Salary Tool Saves the Day – Though the theme might be lack lustre what sort of saves the day for the viral is the proper association of the shine salary tool within the theme. Thank god they didn’t show how amitabh gets a job through that would be even more cliched an execution.

Decent Execution – The execution is decent upto the point that its crisp and doesn’t waste the viewers time and arouses little but atleast some curiousity.

The Ugly

Computer Chacha – Viral (

Makaan Choudhary Viral

Why is it ugly?

Tries to do too much – The viral tries to do much. It uses a known character again very much like Bikram aur betal which was popular among generation x in its childhood guys take a comic book character Chacha Choudhary and rename him makaan choudhary (well there goes any element of surprise) Whats more they even convert his turban to a house shape! The supposedly viral characters a mithun character and then a rajnikant character are added without any specific purpose as they dont add any giggles or guffaws to the script. Then finally the ad end with Makaan choudhary admitting that is faster than his brain when it comes to house searching.

No engagement factor – There is a lack of engagement factor i.e. I am bored by the time Rajni comes on screen and the animated bullet scene has been overdiscussed to have any impact. Overall it doesn’t make the user participate in anyway. If the viral was suppose to make you chuckle and forward the link then it fails there as well.

5 Responses to “Latest Online Virals – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

  1. manoj
    August 25, 2008 at 1:33 pm #

    been on your page after a break. somehow not finding it as exciting as it used to be! maybe the layout, maybe content. or is it the break that i had!!! just thought you guys might want to do a poll with your readers, if they find your new layout better than the old!! finally its them who have to see you!! right? just a thought ;-)


  2. August 25, 2008 at 4:01 pm #

    Hi Rajiv – I agree that the Centerfresh viral was the best. In terms of execution, I think that while it was a *little* bit too long it got one very important basic right – it asked for the viewer’s email address. While that should be sufficient to get people to submit their details as long as the viral was decently funny, they’re aware of the fact that its not *that* hilarious that people will be banging down their doors to provide their personal details -they’ve made up for it by offering a PS2 prize draw. I also feel the Shine chaps have made a bit of a blunder by not carefully moderating the comments. While criticism is fine, its probably a bad idea to allow comments like the one posted by ‘pinku jain’ (I’ve starred out the gaalis)

    “kya bakwaas hai . madarc**d tum log sab ch***ya banate ho. g**nd pe laat marne ka man kar raha hai lekin kya karun yeh site mere baap ki nahin hai. isliye main kuch nahin kar sakta . lekin aakhiri warning de raha hoon bahen k l*wd* agli baar aisa hua to maa ch** dunga”

    To be honest, I found the above comment so damn funny that I might just forward the site to my friends just because of it…

    Gautam Kshatriya

  3. August 26, 2008 at 11:39 pm #

    rajiv, glad you liked the stuff and thanks for writing about us, we love you even more now! :-)
    cheers, Sidharth

  4. August 27, 2008 at 10:13 am #

    I liked the centerfresh viral. Check out

  5. September 2, 2008 at 1:08 pm #

    Talking of viral videos, please check this out, if you like.

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