Rediff and iXiGo Launch Bus Search – iXiGo To Announce Second Round Funding Soon?

Travel search segment has been creating all the vertical searches possible off late so bus train flight are all available on eticking travel portals. But what’s adding another layer above these are Travel meta search engines which recently went from flight to rail search and have now gone from rail to bus search.

rediff bus search




The bus e-ticketing players and space has been covered by us earlier as well and be it redbus or ticketvala both of them seem to be making strides in this space. Infact ticketvala had claimed 1 million ticket sales recently. Seeing this progress the Travel search engines have now launched their own bus search services. Both rediff and ixigo have started bus search services on their travel search platforms Though once you give these search services as spin you realise that its an unnecessary layer because most of their search results either lead to redbus or ticketvala which in effect only means its better to stick to one of these sites. Though the bus ticketing scene is crowded already I dont seem to understand how a bus search service adds any incremental value that big enough as of now atleast.

Though in the longterm it could.. Any contrary thoughts anyone?

PS: I have been hearing about the pending announcement of iXiGo’s second round of funding for sometime now. Though the founders have not commented or accepted or denied any of my query emails to them there is a strong buzz that they have raised their second round and its apparently from an Indian VC and the amount is below 10 million $’s but it is in millions so its not below 1 million.. Anyone know anything more than this buzz us.. Also this is strictly a buzz that’s been around.. No confirmed news yet..

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