Scrabulous Gets Wiped off Facebook


One of the most popular games on Facebook, Scrabulous, that has been responsible for countless wasted internet hours, has been wiped off the site. The game is no longer accessible for Facebook’s members from US and Canada.



The game had been developed by two brothers from Kolkata, in 2006, for the site It was an extremely popular pass-time on the social networking site, attracting over half a million players daily. However, last week, Hasbro Inc., the firm which holds the official rights to the Scrabble game in North America, sued Scrabulous in a lawsuit for copyright infringement. Hasbro also asked Facebook to remove the game from the site. The game was taken down from the site, though Facebook maintains that it was because Scrabulous themselves requested so.


The brothers are still continuing to fight the lawsuit against Hasbro, terming the events as “unfortunate”. The lawsuit was filed in a district court in New York, for violation of Hasbro’s copyrights and trademarks.


In response to the action, many Facebook members, who were unhappy with Hasbro’s move, changed their status messages on Facebook mourning the end of Scrabulous. Though the game is no longer available on Facebook, it can still be accessed on the site Note that new accounts will need to be created and your previous games will not be available.


Replacing the game, an official licensed version of the game, licensed from Hasbro, has been released by Electronic Arts on Facebook. Still in beta, the game failed to attract a good number of visitors, topping only 15,000 players in a day.


Facebook recently also wiped off another game, Shank, after facing stiff opposition from a group in the UK. The game, which allowed users to virtually knife other users, was against Facebook’s policies.




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