Another Day, Another Psystar: Open Tech to Sell Mac OS X Compatible Hardware

While the news about Apple suing Mac hardware clone maker Psystar is still ripe, here comes another company wanting to make some cash on the same grounds.


MacNN reports that another firm, by the name of Open Tech, is now planning to sell hardware that apparently supports all the major Operating Systems including Windows XP, Ubuntu (Linux Distro), Windows Vista and Mac OS X Leopard. Although the first 3 Operating Systems are open to be run on any type of PC, no matter what brand or make it is, Apple’s license forbids the installation of Mac OS X on any hardware other than Apple’s own.


Psystar was in the news recently when it announced that it would be selling Mac hardware clones that would be made available along with Apple Mac OS X for less than half the price as compared to Apple’s own hardware. Questions were raised about the credibility of the firm  after it was found that the company’s office shifted base after the announcement was made, phone calls to their office were answered only by an automated machine and lastly but importantly, the fact that it was selling Mac OS X which is clearly against Apple’s terms.


So is Open Tech any different? In a way, Yes, it is. Unlike Psystar’s mistake of selling the hardware with Mac OS X pre-installed, Open Tech is only selling the hardware. The hardware, which apparently is also customizable according to you rneeds, only “supports” the installation of the major Operating Systems, but doesn’t come pre-installed with any of them.


This could be a major reason why Apple would be unable to stop these guys. Apple has already demanded that Psystar recall all the PCs that it has sold out. Doing the same in Open Tech’s case would not be easy. You see, Open Tech is only selling the hardware, that is ‘compatible’ with Mac OS X. No laws are broken here. The hardware or Open Tech is in no way related to Apple or its products. The maximum damage Apple can possibly do here is to demand that Open Tech stop claiming that the hardware is Mac OS X compatible. Of course, this will only happen when Apple’s legal bench is done beheading Psystar.


However, with more and more companies releasing Mac OS X compatible hardware, the question arises, ‘Does it make sense in investing in such type of hardware?’ We’d love to hear your thoughts on the same.

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