Pitchh.com Connects Brands and Agencies Online – Interview With The Founder Rajesh Lalwani

pitchhPitchh.com is a new website launched by Blogworks team in delhi. Pitchh is an online platform that aims to connect brands and advertisers. This platform essentially allows brands to post their marketing/communications requirement on the site and allows multiple agencies to pitch for the project. We caught up with the founder Mr.Rajesh Lalwani who is an Ex-Partner from the PR firm Genesis-BM and is also the founder of Blogworks.

Here are the questions we asked him and his answers:


Where did you get the idea for Pitchh.com?


I used to work in the field of marketing communications so I have seen this opportunity particularly if you are an agency pitching is a part of your life. And if you are a new agency being invited to pitches is a cumbersome process especially to the right pitches and become a part of this process. Even as a I client I have found it difficult to find the right partner. So I have wished I can find an online tool that can connect the agency with the brands and this pain point is what lead to the idea of pitchh.com.



Do you think brands will be open to such an open platform?


I think they will be. With the environment becoming more dynamic and vibrant everyone is looking for more choices and ideas and partners and hence they would be open. Just the first day of launch we have signed up 4 agencies which I haven’t even heard of. This platform is not about small or big its about finding the right partner and with more choices that would be possible. The process is transparent and its easy.



What are the kind of brands that you are looking at reaching out to? Any specific vertical? OR is it a generic platform? If yes how do you plan to reach out?


Well I wouldn’t like to call it generic. It is focussed on marketing and communications and in that sense its focussed. The marketing and communications Industry in India is very close knit as well. We have an outreach planned through social media for both India and Globally.



Is the objective of this platform to replace offline one to one meetings? If no what is the core objective of this platform?


Pitchh.com objective is just to establish a connect between agencies and brands. We are not even trying to close the pitch online. We are not targetting to replace offline meeting. What we are trying to do is remove the pain involved in communicating on mail which means missing attachments, lack of proper communication, too and fro messaging etc. Which essentially is a lack of processes and we are trying to make it easy for agencies to pitch and for brands to receive pitches.



Which kind of agencies is this platform targetting? Print, Web, Online, BTL etc? If not how do you plan to reach out?


See the marketing environment is very vibrant and I expect all kinds of agencies to use this platform. By when we would have a reasonable representation from all types of agencies can’t be said but its true that most brands today need different kind of agencies be it online, pr, social media etc and hence the need for such a platform.


What’s your revenue model? Is it ads, subscription or revenue share? And if it is revenue share how do you plan to enforce it?


Well our revenue model is not revenue share for the very reason that we dont know how we can enforce it. Our revenue model will be a mixture of ads and subscription. Subscription will be charged to the advertisers. So we would have a free version and for layers of services we would charge advertisers.

WATBlog Analysis: This isn’t a new model internationally there are sites like BootB which do exactly the same thing. But yes in India pitchh is probably the first one. We think a standalone platform like this will take sometime to take off on its own due to lack of content. Maybe if Afaqs which already has brands and agencies hooked on looked at launching something like this it would gain instant traction. They anyways have most of the agencies archived in their resources section. Maybe it would be smarter for pitchh to in someway associate with an afaqs or exchange4media would ease out their outreach process to the right audience.

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  1. July 16, 2008 at 9:34 am #

    Thanks Rajiv.

    Exchange models are not new. In a way we see Pitchh.com being no different from a Naukri -only the stakeholders are different.

    BootB is a good comparison as we discovered based on your mail yesterday :). The positioning is different though, with them being a ‘creative hub’ and Pitchh.com clearly positioned as a ‘business hub’ – we are NOT aggregating ideas, but business.



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