Benefits of Accessing Corporate Emails On Mobile


Accessing emails on Mobile is the modern method of staying connected with the latest information available in your Inbox. E-mail is the common application that one needs to use on a daily basis. Whether it is a corporate email or a personal mail, the majority of the mobile workforce has an inherent requirement for wireless access to e-mail.



Mobile email has always been the most important internet service. Emails brought to us the freedom of communicating quickly with anyone, anywhere in the world. Being the most cost effective and efficient method to transmit all kinds of electronic data, it has become indispensable for professionals.



Accessing emails on mobile has become the most common tool to stay connected with information and resources. On one hand, it is an easy source to share information with friends, colleagues and near & dear ones, at the same time, it is also beneficial for the mobile professionals.



Today, mobile email has become an integral part of business. The access to corporate emails on mobile phone greatly helps businesses’ to improve communication, access information, cut costs. If used effectively also helps to improve employee efficiency, find new business opportunities and work more closely with customers and resources. Enterprise wireless data applications have grown modestly during the past several years. Today Businesses struggle for cost-justifying wireless applications that could be deployed within a rapidly evolving technology environment.



Keeping in mind, the growing benefits of mobile email it has become an important business tool, not only for BIG corporate houses but also for small & medium enterprises alongwith private business owners, to remote access to corporate emails anytime, anywhere. Mobile email sets them free from the limits of a desktop.



The primary function of mobile email solution is to facilitate the user to send, receive, compose, delete and view attachments via a mobile device. However various email solutions differ in the way they do so, which in turn depends upon the underlying mail servers, the ease with which they can be deployed in an organization, the cost factor and the mobile services with which they will work effectively .





Mobile access to email on a hand held device has been available for a number of years now. Email plays an increasingly important role in our lives both in and out of the office. Needless to say, many people rely on email for professional growth as much as they rely on it for personal entertainment or communicating with friends. We all know that mobile email offers the possibility of sending and receiving email from your mobile device wherever you are. You may even be able to use the same email account you have on your desktop or laptop computer.


But the Question is, “What are the far fetched benefits of Accessing Corporate emails on mobile?” The common answer is, “Messaging on the move is required in business communications”. Let us first discuss the varied benefits of accessing corporate emails on mobile phones.



Mobile Access to Corporate emails provides -


1. Greater responsiveness to clients, partners or suppliers: Organizations can improve communication and service at all external contact points by providing employees with more timely access to information. True mobile e-mail solutions that provide real-time delivery of e-mail provide added benefits over cradle-synch solutions.


2. Improved work-life balance for employees: Increasingly, the line between personal and professional lives is blurring for the average professional. Although jokes abound that mobile devices make workers accessible at all times, user-friendly solutions can actually create extra time for workers in both aspects of their lives. An employee’s ability to leave work to watch a child’s soccer game— knowing he or she can receive an important e-mail on the sidelines—improves morale immeasurably.


3. Increased utilization of existing IT investments: Workforce mobility is increasing every year. If IT applications do not go mobile along with the employees, their value decreases significantly. Wireless data investments should be viewed as an incremental cost of much larger existing IT investments.


4. Ability to leverage existing devices for multiple wireless solutions: Cellular phones are a way of life for today’s workers. Data-capable handsets are virtually ubiquitous. Adding wireless e-mail capabilities onto these pervasive workforce tools makes practical sense and reduces the cost of deployment.


Although it is difficult to determine the benefits realized from wireless e-mail access, it is worthwhile to understand that even minimal assumed productivity gains for mobile professionals can provide financial justification for deployment. The greatest challenge is measuring productivity gains from wireless e-mail access. Some analyses have assumed large time savings in terms of hours per day per employee. Yet, even a very conservative measure of productivity gains, such as 30 minutes per day, yields measurable benefits.


Today, some organizations have come up with such cost effective email solutions like email@mobile Corporate editions which have been specifically designed for those organizations who would like to provide its employees with the facility of accessing their corporate/official emails on the mobile but do not want to invest in purchasing high end mobile phones like PDAs and smart Phones or in paying monthly subscription charges and giving their server access to a third party.



What they ask for is one time investment in installation of the email solution on the company’s mail server or the web space provided for the website which allows the company users to access their corporate (POP3 and IMAP4) email boxes anytime, anywhere using any GPRS enabled mobile phone, operational in any network and without having to install any software on the handset. Just like one uses web mail program to access emails on web browser, users can access their official emails via email@mobile software over a mobile browser. It has been optimized for MS Exchange, Lotus Dominos and Hosted services.



While evaluating the benefits of mobile email solutions, explained Arvind V. CEO with Adroit Claretdene Infotech “There are companies providing mobile access to existing web-mail but the device compatibility and monthly subscription charges are the major constraints”.


The advantages of accessing corporate emails on mobile phones are tremendous. So if you want to reap maximum benefits with respect to the productivity level and increased efficiency level of your organizations mobile work force, give them the added advantage of accessing corporate emails on mobile.



Shāyon adds : This is a guest post by one of our readers, Mona Mehra. WATBlog normally doesn’t come up with such posts but we made an exception this time because we felt Mona had explained the whole intricacy of mobile emailing so beautifully that even the most uninitiated of the lot would be able to figure it all out. Do let us know if you liked the piece.


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  1. Shitij
    June 21, 2008 at 5:48 pm #

    hmm…interesting and as Shayon rightly pointed out, very well detailed out. The only challenge that I see – ‘reach’ of high-end cell phones that allow email being ‘experienced’ the way it should be.

    I am just thinking, what if there is an ‘email-service provider’..lets say X, who ties up with cellphone service providers (Airtel / Hutch etc) and allows the user to access and download any stuff from his ‘official’ email domains, free of cost. Business model being – revenue coming in from two sources – a) Payout from various companies (the employers of those individuals, for obvious reasons) and advertising, since X would be reaching out to everyone right from the clerk to the CEO, and the real ‘customers’ with money in the pockets.

    So while I access my email through my phone – I can sell two side bars that would appear on the screen!

    hmm….any thoughts on this?

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