WATRoundup – WAT’s 5 Best Posts of the Week – June, 9 – 15. Also Birthday Wishes For The Week!

 Today, WATBlog comes up with a new section, “WATRoundup, a weekly feature of best 5 posts that had been posted on WATBlog and has been most voted as the best mix of entertainment, education, information and engagement by WATMembers. Here comes the list of best 5 articles of the past week -


5.  10 Ways to be Dugg on Digg  -  This one is a very nifty post by a brilliant student from BIT Pilani, Sahel. It hasn’t been more than 45 days for this guy to sign up for Digg and has already managed to come up with a set of nifty ideas of how to get popular on Digg, a popular web site for which any publisher would happily get ready lose his/her left arm to get featured on their home page.


4.  From ‘Hindutva’ to technology, BJP surely has come a long way  -  Another jewel from BITS Pilani (no, we haven’t signed up anything with BITS, although the idea is interesting, given the kind of talent the institute churns out), Abhinandan, conjured up this beautiful post on BJP deciding to IP capabilities to its Unified Messaging Platform. Do look out for this guy’s personal nifty insights.


3.  PC World Announces Web Awards 2008  -  The maestro himself, Rajiv, does it again! How could we leave out this post that showcases the importance of the WAT Team within the industry. Rajiv got the chance of being a judge at this year’s Web Awards, organized by PC World, to acknowledge some of the best in India’s web. Judging by the comments, it seems there were quite a few disagreements with the results. I just wish they had a category for India’s best Blog.


2.  Lalu Prasad Yadav Joins The Celeb BandWagon of Blogging  -  Maneesh, one of the newest (but one of the most knowledgable) recruits of WAT, analyzes this trend of Indian big-wigs taking up blogging. Looks like there’s gonna be no “on site” job for the journos. I just wonder which language is Mr. Prasad going to adopt, for his blogs!


1.  FaceBook Controversy – Opera Mini Fanpage Deleted  -  Last but, by no means, never the least, comes the most shocking news of the week. Facebook decides to delete a fan page created by our star blogger, Rupesh, and Opera’s official brains are suspected to be behind the controversy. Do check out comments from Mr. Lawrence Eng, an official spokesperson from Opera.


Rajiv Adds: Along with the 5 best posts there were a couple of birthday’s last week that we didn’t publish on WATBlog due to high post traffic and utter laziness!!(Chocolate cakes makes us lazy!). So here are the pics and a Belated Happy Birthday to Nisha – Our Strict IT & HR Systems Head (Birthday on 7th June) and Rupesh – Our Lost in Thought  SMO innovation &Corporate Blogging Head (Birthday on 9th June)!


Ruchi corners Nisha for a Cake smashing birthday!


Strict Nisha Looks Chilled on her Birthday!


 Rupesh being fed the cake even before he cuts it!


Rupesh offers Rajiv the first piece.. little did he know..


Rajiv will smash the same up his nose!!!


Rupesh experiences cake through nose syndrome! Shayon looks away! Lolz


 Rupesh seems to saying “Not bad.. Even through the nose its tastes good!”

2 Responses to “WATRoundup – WAT’s 5 Best Posts of the Week – June, 9 – 15. Also Birthday Wishes For The Week!”

  1. raghav soni
    June 16, 2008 at 12:23 pm #

    belated happy birthday to rupesh and nisha………..@rupesh if i was aware that this is birthday week 4 u i would never have got u into that facebook controversial comments…..btw how many birthdays wat team enjoys in a year…..(meaning how many total members u have in your team)…..

  2. June 16, 2008 at 3:10 pm #

    We have around 20 people so count! :)

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