Call of Duty 5 – WWII on its way Via


COD 4 was an awesome game, it truly was. The game made a very positive impression on gamers and critics alike. The game was set in modern warfare and has sold over 10 million units, making it one of the most successful games in the genre. Setting such high benchmarks is a double edged sword, this makes the next game in the series highly anticipated and open to comparisons with the predecessor.



COD – World at War is the next installment in the series and it has bounced back to its WWII roots. The WWII genre has reached its peak and the plethora of games coming out every year, isnt making it any better. But COD 5 will use the COD 4 engine and support co-op play. As per a report on Voodoo Extreme :



It all takes place in the Pacific theater (and partially in Russia’s advance into Berlin) says OXM, which all in all was a much grittier and darker conflict that the one in muddy Belgium fields.


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