10 Ways to be Dugg on Digg




This is one of the assignments, when I joined WATblog, I was asked to work on.

Explore Digg. Analyse Digg. Then just “Digg”. Simple!

Though it was said, initially, that Digg as a tool is difficult to master (for SMO obviously). So here’s a little analysis of my own on how to be Dugg on Digg.


1. Create an Account

Remember, its very important to create an account and link your profiles to Digg, whether it be your facebook account, your Twitter account or could be your Messenger id just in case people want to connect with you after you Digg them or after you send them a shout or even probably a comment by which they would like to chat with you. Being an online wannabe works, so create your profile and show that you are different or weird (in any case, you got to be intelligent enough to justify that!!)


2. Digg and spread love

This is very important. But more important is to understand what to Digg and whose article to Digg. Digg someone who you think is new but is likely to be a loyal digger in future. Since initially someone is looking for more Diggs and they will Digg yours, Its also important to Digg quality such as BBC news, news on American elections (try being a fan of Barrack Obama), Paris Hilton, monkeys creating havoc, Microsoft v/s Google v/s Apple ( I know it might sound weird, but this is what they call Digg content quality!!)


3.  Shouts on the upcoming diggers

Its just not only important to Digg the upcoming Diggers, you should also shout at them and they will shout back when they Digg. So whenever you digg interesting content, always shout at your friends and the upcoming Diggers; be friends with those who shout back and try become fans of those .This will only increase your rating as a Digg user and may be a small step towards taking you closer to being – a Power Digger.


4. Note the Power-users

This strategy should be followed only after you have some friends ,some fans possibly. be somewhat cautious while digging shouting or commenting on the power users, they make Digg, so if they start to feel that your content is something that should not be on Digg, they will bury you, which could be one of the most unfair things done to you as a starter. Here’s a list of top Digg users.


5. Be creative, crappy and humorous

This is very important, I stress. At Digg, users search for masala (hot) news, so post interesting content. if you are promoting your website news which is only understood by a few people, better not Digg,it might look like spam.


6. Weird headlines to post

It shall always look like you are there to psot interesting content. So always pick out interesting headlines. Remember content form reliable sources like BBC, America Online, US news has a very high probability of being Dugg. Also anything related to celebrity scandals or if you just need to have an image of a techo-savvy person, then digg, shout posts on Myspace, facebook, Apple, Google, Twitter etc.  Offending them is a bonus but use it wisely.


7. Digg top stories maybe again

Just because someone really has already done maybe a top list on the topic doesn’t mean you can’t do it again. As long as if the user is just not copying the tips with new commentary, definitely write your own improved version. If you want social traffic, however, wait for a couple of weeks before publishing your own version. If the identical top ten subject hit the  Digg front page yesterday, today might not be the best day to publish it because you have just greatly lessened the chances that your own version will go hot as well. So save it a couple of weeks when you have a better chance of yours going hot too.


8. Think american then digg Indian

Most of the users on digg are Americans or the Europeans, so if you want to make your presence felt, Digg American. Or if you are interested in getting the Indian stuff Dugg, think from the point of view of an American. If you can find content of a Gorilla troubling people in Delhi or yoga or snakes, go ahead and post it.
REMEMBER: Shahrukh Khan / Aishwarya Rai/ Amitabh Bachchan = No results on digg


9. Do quality comments (research actually)

If you are commenting on something, do proper research and follow it up with genuine comments; if you are not an expert some comments like “Hail Facebook” or “Hillary sucks” (at relevant places obviously) might get u some followers.


10. The biggest Don’t – Never Get Buried

This is important in order to preserve your identity, your reputation. Don’t get buried! So try not to post anything which the fellow Diggers don’t like. So just take care of the fact that your Diggs are not buried. Beware there is Digg bury brigade which is out there just to bury your quality articles even out of Digg.


2 Responses to “10 Ways to be Dugg on Digg”

  1. Amit
    June 10, 2008 at 5:40 pm #

    Nice info on digg sahel

    i think i was looking out for something like this for sometime now and was too lazy to figure out the things myself ;) !!

  2. Rupesh
    June 16, 2008 at 12:45 am #

    Tell me something I dont know!!!…weird and too obvious things you have written..search – “tips to get digg front page”..will probably get much better content

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