People Online Launches Ad Network Targeting Asian Community in Britain

It was just yesterday that we, at WATBlog, had been discussing the importance of being able to know the personal preferences of users, the kind of friends he has, the brand of shirt he wears, the kind of sports he plays, for a advertising network. It’s not for nothing that Google plans to collate all the social networking data of its online users. More than making life easier for the people, it will also enable Google to target ads at a more micro level. In a few months, every time you open GMail, you just might find the advertisements stuck to the right of your message pane almost as irresistible as the message itself. This is just because Google shall be able to figure out every little thing that interests you and shall customize their targetted ads accordingly.



It has been Google who has taught us how to effectively target ads to the community and the idea had been picked up by many a ad network in later years. Matchmaking site and Mauj owner,  People Group, comes up with a ad network to target the Asian audience in United Kingdom. Apparently, People Online (the ad network of People Group) is the second network after Indoor Media’s Ad Masala to target the more than 1 million plus South Asian population in Britain. Although the network is managed from their Indian office, they plan to offer different genre of advertisements to different section of people, according to the community they belong to, the kind of profiles they create and also the kind of searches they make. People Online claims to have built up a portfolio of almost 30 web sites, already.


As already commented by Rajiv, the psyche of human mind has been conditioned  to the fact that advertisements are undesireable.  The way I see things, given half a decade more, well targetted advertisements shall also be picked up the way we gobble up content, these days. Another model of advertisement is peying the users the view the ads. Most of us are aware of Rupeemail. Rupeemail is a first of its kind email platform that mails the advertisements to the user’s inbox. The viewers are paid forclicking on the provided link and viewing the ad. Also, it can not be called spam because Rupeemail is sent only to those who opt for the service and mention the kind of advertisements they would like to receive. Moreover, it is a win-win situation because the users receive information of things that interest them and also get paid in the process.

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  1. June 5, 2008 at 12:34 pm #

    update – people hasnt ‘launched’ the network – its been around for a while. A senior executive from People was in London recently and she just casually mentioned it – the press picked it up and everyone got carried away i think! Apologies.

    PS – just confirmed with People. So everything else is accurate except the ‘launch’ part

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