Adds SMS App While Pizza Hut Goes Mobile With Its Campaigns

Mobile and Sms integration seems like its becoming a norm these days be it internet web portals or even retail brand. Two such recent developments have taken place when it comes to using the power of mobile to reach out to a larger audience.


The first such development is by which seems to have launched an sms application that lets you search properties from the site. Makaan which had a mediocre online viral earlier had an interesting TV ad launched recently which cut across the masses as far as searching properties on the web is concerned. Check the ad out below.



As the above ad suggests is looking at a mass audience and even at users who are not that net savvy to come online and search for properties. So its no surprise that makaan has gone ahead and launched ‘Makaan Mobile’ a SMS-based Real Estate Mobile Application developed by Mauj Mobile.


Speaking on this initiative, Mr. Aditya Verma, Business Head, said,“All our innovations till date have revolved around ensuring ‘customer delight’, and Makaan Mobile is another step in this direction. The idea of the application germinated from the need to connect with users who are generally on the move and do not have regular access to the Internet.

So if Makaan is looking at SMS So is a retail player like Pizza Hut.. PizzaHut in collaboration with Mobile2win has launched a a mobile campaign in six cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune.

They have developed the concept of a virtual club called as VIP Club which is avalible both on sms and through the wap site. By being a member of this club once can win free coupons, prizes and discounts.


Anup Jain, marketing director, Pizza Hut, says, “The mobile will become an essential part of our marketing tool kit in the future. We will also explore ways of introducing conveniences such as store locators, menu downloads and ordering in the future.” (via Afaqs)

All in all it does seem that mobile campaigns and accessibility of features, promos through mobile is here to stay given the fact that internet penetration is happening at a snail pace while mobile penetration is the fastest growing in India.

3 Responses to “ Adds SMS App While Pizza Hut Goes Mobile With Its Campaigns”

  1. raghav soni
    May 20, 2008 at 7:07 pm #

    i have something to say about mobile marketing and property sites …..first mobile…the way many sites are registering users for mobile services i c it becoming and taking shape of mobile spam in future…today people dont understand the nuisance of registering for these services as they only c free sms….but tomorrow they would be caught in trouble as smses would keep coming and choking our memory on phone nd ur life….then people wud have to fork out money for sms banning services from mobile operators….thats really going to be the future of mobile…………………now lets cum to property classifieds……..indian property market is on boom so no need to say it again but wat i really mean is today the home owners are not the subscribers for property site as they access to tenants very easy….the real subscribers of these sites are brokers nd real estate agents…….now picture this (a real incident) my mom told me to look after property in our area for buying….so i wont to which charges 500/classified….to serach 4 property…..nd i came across many classifieds wgich were putting a property of 20 lakhs for 8 lakhs…..after seeing this my mother was really happy…but i understood the scam…as there are no free lunches in this world i told my mother they just want to get in touch with u by giving lucrative offers though they dont have that property at that price so they ask u ur requirement nd u always broker deal from him….but she ignored me nd called……nd the same thing happened….the ans from broker was that property was sold nd he even asked wat was her budget for flat nd all… the cache is that properties listed on site the same day got sold…unbelievable….nd it would be killing the online property business

  2. May 21, 2008 at 11:59 am #

    The Makaan mobile application at this point is limited to advertisers and allows only property listing. This application doesn’t allow property search yet.

  3. Ashwin
    May 21, 2008 at 11:55 pm #

    they have put up some details on, and its actually a neat application…guess its for property sellers, and not really search…meant to give the power of the internet thru sms (and not gprs) to a property agent, who are not net savvy..neat!

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