ZoomTV.in – India’s No.1 Online Video Brand?

ZoomTV.in’s strategy presents an interesting case for those looking to distribute their video online. The strategy also presents to readers various platforms that can be used to distribute videos online. Zoom has clocked 23 Million views so far.


ZoomTV’s official partners online include YouTubeRediff iShareBlinkxNautanki and over 23 of the most popular Bollywood applications on social networking giant Facebook.


Interestingly, Zoom was one of YouTube India’s 1st official partners – a reward for starting early. ZoomTv.in is now looking to advertise on the platform guaranteeing over 5.8 Million views to advertisers every month. If on examines the move closely, Zoom has not advertised for a long time  - which probably shows that those looking to invest in Online Video should first look at building up sizeable audiences after which video can be monetized. This is primarily because video has such fragmented audiences online anyway.


Video, one must note is website agnostic and with more people viewing more video from different sources, it makes sense to distribute video at various touchpoints rather than drive video to a single platform.


Here is what M K Anand, Business Head, Zoom, said – it probably the smartest thing I have heard an Indian in the Digital space say in a long long time; the quotation shows great insight; “Currently, traditional media – and TV channels specifically – function as a walled garden on the Web, and are predominantly text-heavy. We are a television company and video is our competitive advantage. It makes sense for us to use our video content as our platform. Zoom’s video network across top aggregators delivers more audiences than the biggest Web video providers around. Most importantly, this is not limited to video on a Website; our video is the network.”


Our very own WATShow (which is a minnow compared to Zoom) can learn a lot from this. Interesting Zoom is uploading only 3 minute – 5 minute videos. In terms of depth of content I would say WATShow is much better :p


One needs to note however that Zoom already has a churn of content – so it is probably uploading all of it and putting relevant tags as a result of which it is getting more views. Bollywood content one needs to note is anyway very popular in India. This also probably shows that the platforms themselves are doing really well and a significant market exists.


So 3 things:

1) More Content + Relevant Tags = More views

2) More Bollywood = More views

3) More Diversified Use of Platforms (Relevant) = More Views


Do you think Sponsored/ proprietary content works better than UGC content in India – to us it seems so :) 


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