Wikipedia To Go Off-Line In September, Publish A Book In Germany

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These days kids, youngsters and aged people love learning and reading e-books. Keeping in mind the increasing use of Internet, universities like IIT have started their lectures on Youtube. A similar trend was followed by Encyclopedia Of Life (EOL) by switching to online media. But, Wikipedia plans to enter the EOL’s market and hence goes off-line. Wikipedia was recently funded $ 3 Million by Sloan Foundation.

Wikipedia encyclopedia’s first volume to be published in Germany in September 2008. The book will consist nearly 1,000 pages with approximate 50,000 most widely searched words on German version.


On this Bertelsmann Lexicon Institute, said,

The Wikipedia encyclopedia will help allow knowledge to be spread worldwide and become more accessible. The abridged, one-volume print edition will reach new target groups which will get to know the Wikipedia project and take part in it.


The book will be helpful to those people who cannot access internet or are not internet savvy and hence would love to read books rather than reading an e-book.


But it does have plenty of disadvantages like there won’t be a hyperlink in the middle to the explanation to give a user a clear view about the meaning. The content will be restricted and hence might disappoint lots of user.


I hope the Wikipedia encyclopedia does not turn out to be just like an ordinary Encyclopedia or a dictionary which has no pictures and is boring.

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  1. Vivek
    April 28, 2008 at 11:37 am #

    Nice initiative by Wikipedia to go offline.

    The title of this post was slightly misleading… “Wikipedia to go offline in September” – thought they are shutting down in September :)

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