RCom Launches Exam Guru On Mobile

We blogged about recently how Education can be a important driver when it comes to IPTV. It seems education is in vogue be it IPTV web or even mobile. One more service around education has launched on mobiles. Reliance Communications has launched a education portal which is an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service by the name of “exam guru” on their mobile phones.

Exam Guru will be available to both  pre-paid and post-paid subscribers of RCom. The portal will provide information on exam results, college admissions, exam schedules, admission deadlines, mock tests, tips for bettering performance, list of top universities, colleges, secondary education boards and career options.

Education through digital platforms is a segment that seeing exciting times. So be it Kal Raman whose story we blogged recently or be it mock entrance tests on tata phones the innovation and distribution reach in this segment continues to grow.

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