Yahoo Introduces Advertising Management Platform (AMP)



Under pressure of allegations that even after months of Microsoft’s $31-per-share deal it is unable to find its vision, Yahoo announced the its new ad-serving platform, AMP (Advertising Management Platform). AMP is more of a platform technology that allows the publishers to place ads on a large number of properties. Among the online properties that Yahoo has, and which the AMP will leverage are the websites of more than 150 U.S. newspapers with which Yahoo formed a consortium in November last year.


The publishers using Yahoo’s technology will be able to place their ads in any of the newspapers websites and many other online places with which Yahoo has an arrangement. AMP allows the publishers to control their ad inventory from a single access point,


IDC analyst Rachel Happe said,


“AMP is a leap forward in driving standards and rationale in the online display sales cycle and will likely be a big hit with ad buyers and publishers alike. AMP includes workflow, content management and billing that ad buyers and publishers will need to integrate with back-end billing, CRM and information applications”


The new technology is not another ad-network, but rather a platform technology that enables the ad buyers and publishers to automate the process of the ad inventory management.


With Microsoft trying to lap up Yahoo, and Yahoo having difficulty in making its shareholders understand why it should not sell off to Micsoroft, the introduction of AMP could give some boost to ailing reputation of Yahoo. Will it also help boost its revenues, only time will tell.

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