Bangalore Is One Hungry Place When It Comes To Food Ordering Online!

Everything sells online be it flights, properties, electronics, tickets, clothes, books.. phew.. But now it seems the new trend is to sell food online. The latest startups on the web scene seem to be catering to the online food ordering segment. I had earlier heard on hungrybangalore which was one of those catering to this segment.


Now its seems even the online food ordering space seems to be getting crowded and that too in just one city i.e. bangalore. So one more player appropriately named as has joined the bandwagon.

webdhabahungry bangalore

The Webdhaba currently allows you to order from a restaurant list that reads like Chungs Chinese Corner, US Pizza, Kaati Zone, Beijing Bites, The Dhaba, Malgudi, The Great Wall and others.


I checked out the site. It looked prehistoric on the design front. Wish they could make sites also delicious when it comes to stuff like food. Hungrybangalore has a better layout though.

Besides for the restaurants Webdhaba has also added a loyalty points programme to its websites which means every order earns points which can be exchanged for free food! being a foodie myself I wouldn’t mind using services like hungrybangalore and webdhaba if it was available in mumbai.


Though im sure most people would prefer to pick a phone and order but what if you are like me? Someone who has problems remembering phone numbers and is equally incapable of keeping them organised on ones cell phone?


4 Responses to “Bangalore Is One Hungry Place When It Comes To Food Ordering Online!”

  1. March 31, 2008 at 4:16 pm #

    webdhaba is one ugly website.

  2. May 3, 2008 at 12:26 am #

    Dear WATBlog team

    Appreciate your comments on webdhaba online ordering services and thank you for your feedback/coverage. Yes, the website looks needs improvement, and are working on your suggestions.

    You may find, however, that much effort & thought has gone into making the ordering experiance, features & usability refreshingly unique & better than anyone else – probably that’s what users are liking….and this part is not prehistoric and hopefully makes up for inadequacies on the looks front. Pls do register and check it out our many new features “mywaiter page” and “reorder from order history” or “my favourite restaurants” – we’ll like to hear your comments..maybe another blog posting..

    (we are by choice a registration based service, so pls do expect a validation followup as we try & reject all junk registrations)

    Rajiv, thanks too for sharing your brutally honest comments on the looks. Guess we focussed too much on smart features that make webdhaba’s ordering uniquely easy for a child or a housewife. Bad Looks? we have removed some eyesore and still need things sorted out – will do as soon as we get a little time to breathe..and learn our coreldraw and photoshop, so pls do bear with us!

    Will appreciate any other comments user /readers have. thnks,

    Ajay , CEO webdhaba

    (the webdhaba logo is not showing in abv blog)

  3. sangram
    May 4, 2008 at 8:24 pm #

    @ Ajay,

    Some suggestions which might help:

    1) Instead of stuffing everything on one page, have 3-4 pages & let each page have its own personality & Target Audience. For example, one page for Homes, one for Offices etc.

    2) The opening page should have a persuasive copy of how easy it is to use Webdhaba & a brief procedure how to order with the search App(which is already present). Do add any recommendations, reviews you got from leading magazines, papers, websites etc.

    3) The website asks people to Call in case they are planning any parties. But the number is not mentioned anywhere on the website. Do mention your Phone number & email ID on every page you have.

    4) Rating system alone doesn’t work. People are really interested in In depth reviews. There is a huge scope for building a Vibrant community here. Someday with all the user information present, you can probably recommend new places to Customers something on the lines of Amazon.

    These are just for starters. I see that your site has a number of Promotions running. Hope you put them to good use.

    The idea is indeed great & if a good enough userbase can be built up, there is huge potential to grow.

    Hope that helped,

    For others, dont worry sent a mail to the mail ID given.

  4. March 18, 2014 at 2:05 pm #

    Next to Bangalore and New Delhi, Chennai has the most users looking for online food delivery services like In near future, more players will reach nation-wide I hope

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